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"Is there really not any more boys to date until next year?"
— Brittney

Brittney Demers is a sixth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM.

Brittney Demers
Brittney Demers
Birthday November 25th, 1989
Aliases - Brit
Eye Color Light Brown
Hair Color French Brown
Height 5'4
Grade Junior
Clique None
Gender Female
Nationality Canadian
Affiliations Rosanna Mancini - Best Friend
Creator Westside JDM


Brittney stands at an average 5'4, she has French brown hair, with light brown eyes. She wears her hair down in the front, but has it tied into a tight bun in the back.

She wears the non-clique uniform, with white knee socks and black Mary-Janes. In the winter, she puts her hair into a ponytail, and exchanges the knee socks for white tights, and the Mary-Janes for uggs.

For Halloween, she dresses as Wonder Woman.


Much like Rosanna, she's constantly down to date any guy. She straight up doesn't care about how a guy looks, to her; personality matters more than looks. If a dude is good looking, but can't make her laugh, or is just too unrealistic for her, she's likely to reject them.

However, she doesn't reject or blow a guy off right off the bat like most of the girls in the school would. She takes time to get to know them, and if she likes their personality, she'll definitely ask them to hang out with her some time.

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