"Ehh, this school is lame, but at least the kids are easy to bully." -Bryan Diaz. Bryan is a member of Devin's Crew.


Bryan takes great joy in bullying students though his preferred method is to manipulate them. He's no Gary Smith, but he does have an ability to manipulate students to do his bidding, and intimidate them. He is known for his annoying laugh, and rude demeanor. He thinks Bullying is like a game.


Standing at 5'9", and weighing 135 pounds Bryan has medium length, straight, black hair. He mostly wears the Bullworth uniform but only when it suits him. He has brown eyes, and is of Hispanic Descent.


Bryan's parents were primarily members of the Vagos in Los Santos and when they were both killed he joined his grandfather in Bullworth. His grandfather was stern, and violent which lead to Bryan's descent into the violent, bullying lifestyle.

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