"I don't think girls like me. I think it's 'cause they're intimidated by my sense of timing. THREE watches, y'know?!"
— Bucky Pasteur

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Bucky Pasteur is a member of the Nerds clique in Bully.

Bucky Pasteur
Clique Nerds
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions Defend Bucky
Funhouse Fun
Voice Actor Tim Wersan

Character Summary


Bucky at the Library.

Bucky is underweight and has messy blond hair and brown eyes. Additionally, he has prominent buck teeth and brown tortoise shell glasses. He wears the typical nerd Astronomy club vest and brown slacks that are patched at the knee. On his left arm, he wears three watches for his "sense of timing". He has a nasal voice and uses odd words and inflection.

Bucky, despite being a nerd, is not very smart and struggles academically. He is particularly bad at English, in which he considers a 'C' on his test a good grade. Bucky does, however, seem to have an interest in science. He is being raised by his grandmother, whom he likes and speaks highly of fairly often. Additionally, Bucky owns a pet rat named George, who went missing around Halloween time.

Hello it is i bucky

Bucky in the Library.

Bucky has a crush on Beatrice, however, she is oblivious to this, and considers him a good friend.

It is considered that Bucky has poor hygiene, as he states that he has a "bath night", however, he may just take a bath once a week, and shower the other days.


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