Wandering campus

  • Al-RIGHT! Tonight is Bath Night! And then I can watch TV until ten!
  • Don't beat yourself up over it Bucko, you couldn't have known they were dentures...
  • I can't believe I got a C on my English test, that's soo good.
  • Granny's always talking about weird stuff, but she's pretty smart though.


  • Hel-LO!
  • Hey pally!


  • I think girls don't like me because they are intimidated by my sense of timing. Three watches you know!
  • Have you ever put a peanut sandwich in your pants?
  • Plenty of fish in the sea, but I don't like girls anyway.
  • Has that crazy bum ever tried to touch you? Did you let him?
  • I'm not trying to be weird, but did you do stuff with mandy? She's got cooties. I hope not.
  • Nerds will always be chopped liver to the rest of the world. It's our destiny.
  • I've been buffin' up, can't you tell. I wear a 26 waist now.
  • Just think. In a couple of years, we might have girlfreinds.
  • I don't think I'll ever be big enough to be a jock, but I wanna try.


  • Mano a mano, what d'you say?!
  • You're a Weirdo!


  • Maybe, you'd like some physical punishment!
  • How'd you like them apples?
  • Take that, nimrod!
  • You like being pushed around?!


  • You're ugly.
  • Eat grass, barf-bag!
  • You are such a neanderman.
  • You want to mess with my kind?
  • I hate you!

Watching a fight

  • This is so cool, Uhuuu!
  • Come On, Do it move!


  • I don't care anymore! This is it for you!
  • I'm standing up for myself!
  • You wanna see assertive? Check this out!
  • You're about to get hit, jerk-head!

While fighting

  • Are you afraid yet? Bucky isn't afraid!
  • You're going downtown!
  • You think I'm just gonna lie down and take it? Fat chance, scuzz-ball!
  • Come on, barf-bag! I can take it!

While physically bullied

  • That's the third time this week! Arrrrrghhhhh!
  • I'm going home and never coming back! You hear me?
  • I'm running away from here! No one respects me!
  • I'd never forget this stuff. I'll get you!

Winning a fight


Kicked in groin

  • Ohh, I'd take an atomic wedgie over this!

Knocked out

  • Owwwww!! Granny's gonna be so angry...!
  • Nothing ever goes my way...
  • Ohhh, I think I need an ambulance, ohhhh...!
  • Ohh I WON'T forget this...EVER!
  • Ohhh, I'm so sore! So cold!
  • Ohh, my duodenum is ruptured, ohoo...

Friendly fire

  • I thought I was your sidekick!
  • We're buddies! What's the deal?!

Hit by Thrown Dead Rat

  • Ahhh! I need to disinfect myself!

Dodge ball

  • Bucky doesn't lose!
  • You'd better be ready to lose, cause I'm ready to win!
  • We're gonna win, 'cause we're better!

Something gets vandalized

  • NOOOOO I loved that!

Other student quotes about Bucky

  • Gordon: At least you're not an idiot like Bucky!