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Leader Russell Northrop
Second in Command None
Hierarchy Position Fourth
Number of Members Seven
Main Hangout Parking Lot
Other Hangouts In-N-Out Motel
Fighting Style Hand-to-Hand
Meelee Weapons
Favored Weapons Slingshot
Rival(s) Nerds

Clique Summary

The Bullies are one of the five school cliques at Bullworth Academy, and the first clique you encounter at the beginning of the game.

They're led by Russell Northrop, but unlike the other cliques, do not have neither a second in command or a female member. They can be easily spotted on campus, due to their white school shirts and denim jeans. They don't care about the pecking order on campus, since all they do is bully other students.

They mainly target the Nerds and non-Clique members, and occasionally female members of other cliques. The Bullies are the only school clique to remain loyal to Jimmy the entire game upon being conquered.

They are the fourth strongest clique on the school hierarchy, above only the Nerds.


Russell Northrop

Russell Northrop is the leader of the Bullies. He is the largest student in school, and excluding Jimmy, the toughest as well. He often refers to himself in the third person. He has a home in Old Bullworth Vale.

Davis White

Davis is a very fast runner. He enjoys tormenting freshman, and he blames his love of bullying on an older cousin who bullied him.

Ethan Robinson

Ethan is a martial arts enthusiast who bullies for the fighting aspect of it.

Tom Gurney

Tom is more mature than the other bullies and is in the process of outgrowing it. He's very defensive of his friends. He talks with a mild New York accent, but oddly uses British slang.

Trent Northwick

Bullies 02

Troy, Tom, and Ethan running, as Wade and Trent converse behind them.

Trent went to Bullworth because his father did. He claims to bully because it helps the new students learn "the way things work around here". He aspires to be a movie star, and claims to be a ladies' man.

Troy Miller

Troy is violent and sadistic and has a loud hoarse voice. He might be bisexual or homosexual but is in denial of this, and describes himself as "confused".

Wade Martin

Wade has a tough home life and a horrible relationship with his father, and he takes his emotional and aggression issues out on his fellow students.