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For the school, please visit the Bullworth Academy page. For the town of the same name, please visit the Bullworth Town page.

Bullworth is a fictional New England town in Bully.

Location Summary

According to a sign in the introduction sequence, there is a population of 128,000. In the game, however, there are far fewer characters. The town exists in the same game world as the Grand Theft Auto series.


Bullworth Academy

Bullworth Academy is an independent boarding school in Bullworth. It is the main setting of the town, and has various buildings, and houses the majority of its students.

Bullworth Town

Bullworth Town is the commercial district of Bullworth, and contains the Town Hall. It also contains many apartments.

Old Bullworth Vale

Old Bullworth Vale is a shopping and residential district. It is home to many of the wealthier residents, and has a beach and a carnival.

New Coventry

New Coventry is a run-down urban district. It houses the majority of the poorer residents, and is the main hangout of the greasers.

Blue Skies Industrial Park

Blue Skies is the industrial district of Bullworth, and is the main hangout of the townies. It has various factories and industrial buildings

Happy Volts Asylum

Happy Volts Asylum is the psychiatric institute of Bullworth. It houses various inmates.

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