"Welcome to Bullworth Academy."
— Ms. Danvers

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Bullworth Academy is a fictional private boarding school located in New England in Bully.

Bullworth, photographed from across the street.


Bullworth Academy is located in New Hampshire. The school itself is located between Bullworth Town and Old Bullworth Vale.


According to Jimmy and Gary, Bullworth has a reputation for being the toughest and worst school in the United States.

There are eleven main buildings in the school, in which multiple missions take place throughout the game. The buildings are the Boys' Dorm, the Girls' Dorm, the gym, the library, the main school building, the Observatory, the auto repair shop, Harrington House, the Jocks' clubhouse , and the pool. There is also a football field , a small basketball court, and a parking lot .


Bullworth's front gates.

There are 60 students in the game, excluding the prefects. Including the prefects, the student count is 64. Since when Gary is expelled Zoe is re-enrolled, the student count remains the same the entire game.

The students are divided into five cliques: the Bullies, Preps, Greasers, Nerds, Jocks. Students who do not belong to any of the five cliques are known as the Non-Clique Students. While the Nerds, Bullies, Preps, Greasers, and Jocks form a hierarchy, going from least powerful to most respectively, the Bullies have no regard to it and do as they like. The Non-Clique students are not an actual clique, as their name implies, and are the students who do not belong to any clique and are usually the victims of bullying from the other five cliques.


Jimmy running among various locations of the academy.

There are four prefects and the school faculty.


There are twelve classes in Bullworth's curriculum. They are Art, Photography, Music, Biology, Chemistry, Gym, Geography, History, Math, Shop, Home Economics, and English. There are two classes per day, a morning class followed by an afternoon class.

In Bully, Art, Photography, Chemistry, Gym, Shop, and English are available for Jimmy to take. In Scholarship Edition, Math, Geography, Music, and Biology are available as well. Home Economics and History are never available for the player to take.

There are also multiple athletic programs, such as football, wrestling, soccer, dodgeball, "and more".


  • A shot of Bullworth Academy appears in a TV show in GTA IV called 'I'm Rich'. This confirms Bullworth's existence in the HD Universe.
  • At some point, Jill Von Crastenburg, a teenage celebrity in GTA, attended Bullworth Academy.