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The Bullworth Bullhorns are the football team at Bullworth Academy.

Field w Casey

The football field. Casey Harris lays in the center, knocked out.

Team Summary

The team is referred to as both the Bullworth Bullhorns, and the Bullworth Bulls. They are coached by Mr. Burton.

In the Boys' Dorm, there are multiple photographs of historic versions of the team with full rosters. Realistically speaking, there are not nearly enough players currently on the football team to complete it.

Ted Thompson is the team's captain.


Name Position Team Number
Ted Thompson Quarterback 0
Damon West Linebacker 8
Casey Harris Fullback 88
Kirby Olsen Wide Receiver 11
Dan Wilson Cornerback, or Safety 1
Bo Jackson Unknown, possibly Halfback 00
Luis Luna Unknown Unknown
Juri Karamazov Unknown Unknown

Osbourne is the former star of the team. He often brags about throwing perfect spirals, so it is likely he played Quarterback. He claims that the school trophies are his.


Damon and Ted

Damon West and Ted Thompson in their football uniforms.

Bullhorns Uniform

The Bullhorns uniform.

The uniform colors are navy blue and white, with gold colored accents. Most of the players wear a long-sleeved white shirt underneath their jerseys.

The jerseys are navy blue, with white on top and with blue numbers on top. The numbering and the lettering are in gold. On the back of the jersey, where the players' last names usually go, is the Bullworth crest which has been embroidered into the uniform.

The uniform pants are white, and have a navy blue stripe down the middle, along with a navy blue belt.

The helmet is navy blue, with a white stripe down the middle, and a white face mask. On both sides of the helmet is Bully the Bull's head.

The Big Game

While the other football games are not mentioned, the big game plays a large role in Chapter 4. Due to Jimmy's relentless pranking before the big game, small talk in Chapter 5 says that the Jocks choked during the game and lost by a huge score.

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