This page is a work of fanon! Unfortunately there is no cannon Bullworth hockey team. Depressing, I know.

The team's logo is borrowed from a junior hockey team based in Billings, Montana.

Team Summary

The team is coached by head coach Ethan Crane and assistant coach Kian Dagenais, the former being a retired AHL player, and the latter being a current college player (resulting in a limited availability for coaching hours).

The team is division II, and captained by senior Graham Marner with co-captains junior Braxton Cooper and senior Tyler Mason.

Team Uniform

Hockey jersey soda

The uniform is a simple mix of the school's color, with a small Bullworth crest on the right breast and, if applicable, a 'C' on the left in gold. On the very front of the uniform is the school and team mascot, Bully the Bull, arms crossed and holding a hockey stick. The shorts are a simple navy blue, and skates are mandated to be black with black lacing and no other decorations on them.

The boys on the team usually brag about their uniform being the "nicest" of the school teams'.


Picture Name Job Nickname
Crane sc
Ethan Crane Head Coach Coach Craner
Dagger sc
Kian Dagenais Assistant Coach Coach Dagger


Picture Player Team Number Position Nickname
Graham sc
Graham Marner 16 Center / Captain Marnie
Cody Schmidt
Cody Schmidt Schmidtty
Mason, Tyler
Tyler Mason Captain Macy
Braxton Cooper Captain
Gage 2 sc
Gage Walker Goaltender Cager
Tripp 2 sc
Tripp Walker Trizzy

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