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This page is based on a work of fanfiction. It is not canon to Bully.

Bullworth Nights is a fanfiction set in the 2006-2007 school year at Bullworth Academy written by SodaCat.

SC Bullworth Nights cover

Cover art.

Story Summary

Jesse Tyler; local jock, beloved hunk, and... crushing who, exactly? Alexis Monroe just got back to Bullworth after a two year absence, little does she know the world keeps moving forward-- even if you don't. As for Piper Harrington? Nothing's ever smooth sailing in the Prep world, especially when you love the boy you're not betrothed to. Preview of: 'Muse', 'Diamonds', and 'Style!


Bullworth Nights is written from the points of views of the original characters Jesse Tyler, Piper Harrington, and Alexis Monroe.

The story leads off too three separate fanfictions focusing on each of the individual characters. Bullworth Nights serves as an introduction to Jesse, Piper, and Alexis. The individual stories will contain references to the other characters.

Muse SodaCat cover

Cover art for Muse.

Jesse is a returning Jock to the school, who is best friends with Casey Harris. At the beginning of the school year, he is placed into a Photography class, which to his belief is Dr. Crabblesnitch's revenge for a pool prank he had pulled the previous year.

His continuing story is titled 'Muse'.

Diamonds SC cover

Cover art for Diamonds.

Piper is a returning Prep, whose father is currently in search of a boy to betroth her to, as her cousin Derby Harrington is already betrothed to Pinky Gauthier. She is trying to hint to her father that she would like to be betrothed to her longtime best friend Bif Taylor though both her father and Bif are oblivious.


Cover art for Style.

Her continuing story is titled 'Diamonds'.

Alexis is a returning student to Bullworth Academy. She has been absent for two years and is eagerly awaiting her reunion with her childhood best friends, Peanut Romano and Johnny Vincent. However, things at Bullworth have changed since freshman year... quite a bit.

Her continuing story is titled 'Style'.


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