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This page is based on a work of fanfiction, and is not canon to Bully.

Diamonds is a fanfiction set in the 2006-2007 school year at Bullworth Academy written by SodaCat.

Diamonds SC cover

Cover art.

Story Summary

Piper Harrington has one desire in life and one only: to marry her childhood best friend, Bif Taylor, who is walking perfection. However, the movie in her head that plays whenever she's with Bif changes drastically after a life-changing phone call from her father. Will Piper be able to learn to love her new fiance? Or will family traditions be damned? Only reading this will tell.


Diamonds is the continuation of SodaCat's work Bullworth Nights, and revolves around Prep Piper Harrington, an OC.

Piper Harrington is returning to Bullworth for her Junior year after spending her usual summer in London, England. She is excited to see her best friend, Bif Taylor, and is intent on getting betrothed to him. Unfortunately, Bif appears to be utterly oblivious to Piper's feelings for him.


Chapter Title
Chapter 1 The Balcony Scene
Chapter 2 Rayon or Silk?
Chapter 3 Puppy Love
Chapter 4 Wedding Rings
Chapter 5 Alice and Dracula
Chapter 6 Off-Script Hero
Chapter 7 Shallow Perceptions
Chapter 8 Shea Lewis
Chapter 9 Blue Bloods
Chapter 10 Messenger
Chapter 11 Disclosure
Chapter 12 Concussed

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