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This page is based on a work of fanfiction, and is not canon to Bully.

Muse is a fanfiction set in the 2006-2007 school year at Bullworth Academy written by SodaCat.

Muse SodaCat cover

Cover art.

Story Summary

Jesse Tyler; local jock, beloved hunk, and newfound Photography student, which, he happens to be incredibly irritated about. Now he's faced with having to spend his senior year at Bullworth Academy stuck in the girliest class in school, and worst of all; partnered with the prissiest girl in school. How will he survive? And will he get laid? These questions plague him constantly.


Muse is the continuation of SodaCat's work Bullworth Nights, and revolves around Bullworth jock Jesse Tyler, an OC.

Jesse Tyler is returning to Bullworth Academy for his senior year. After receiving his class schedule for the year, he notes that his gym class has been swapped for photography class--surely a nefarious deed that could only be the work of the headmaster, Dr. Crabblesnitch.

Convinced that Crabblesnitch is out to get him for a pool-related prank, Jesse curses the headmaster, claiming that photography class is for girls, angering Mandy Wiles, an avid photography student.

However, to Jesse's misfortune, Mandy also happens to be his photography partner.


Chapter Title
Chapter 1 Welcome Wagon
Chapter 2 Art is for Girls
Chapter 3 Jesse Tyler: Local Heartthrob & Ass Pain
Chapter 4 May I Call You Ralph?
Chapter 5 Happy Birthday to You!
Chapter 6 Prayer in the Rain
Chapter 7 Safelight
Chapter 8 Rule Breaking
Chapter 9 Sweater Weather
Chapter 10 Snowfall
Chapter 11 Clouded
Chapter 12 Trust
Chapter 13 Priorities

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