Documenting your pages for fanfiction on Bully Fanon Wiki can seem a bit overwhelming, but here are some useful links to help you get started.

Character Sheets Edit

Character sheets, named after the mission of the same name, are pages where users can go into detail about their OCs.

To make a character sheet for your OC, simply create a page titled '[OC's Name]/Character Sheet'. From then on, you can create your OC's character sheet.

A blank template for a character sheet created by Silkvale exists on this wiki for users to occupy. Please remember to keep the credit for Silkvale. These pages should be sorted into the category:

Sorting OCs into Categories Edit

Bully Fanon Wiki offers a large variety of categories for users to sort their OCs into. Here they are, for quick reference. Please be sure to use correct capitalization when placing into categories, as failure to do so typically results in the creation of a new category.

Quotes Pages Edit

Like the quotes pages for canon characters, users may create quotes pages for their OCs. Blank templates exist for both, put together by SodaCat, though no credit is needed for these.

These may be updated periodically.

Sorting Stories into Categories Edit

As of 2015, Bully Fanon Wiki has incorporated genre categories to the interface. Users may sort their pages on their fanfictions into these categories.