"Football is NOT hard compared to gymnastics, Gymnastics make Football like like it's something for wimps". -Something Cameron will say to a Jock.

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Cameron Joseph a character made by Westside JDM. Her appearance in Westside JDM's continuity includes Bully: Transferred to Bullworth, My life as a slave to my dad, and many more.

As of 2016, she has been adopted by TheToughGuy and is one of the three returning characters in Transferred To Bullworth reboot.

Westside JDM's Continuity

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TheToughGuy's Continuity


Cameron has long blond hair and blue eyes. She also has quite the skinny body, mainly due to her working out as well as being on the cheer-leading squad and gymnastics team.


Cameron has always lived in Bullworth since the day of her birth. Born to wealthy parents, Cameron is no stranger to living the rich life. During the summers, she and her parents go on vacations to some of the most glamours places from The Carraways, Liberty State to London, England. Even though she is rich, she isn't part of the Preps and tends to focus more on her gymnastics. She is also considered the nicest girl on campus as well as the most popular.


As said before, Cameron is considered to be one of the most nicest girls on campus. She isn't into bullying like the rest of her peers are and finds it to be the most stupidest thing on the planet. She also doesn't like to start arguments, however she isn't afraid to voice her opinion when it's necessary.

Cameron is the kind of person who feels that hardwork is the key to accomplishing goals. So when someone talks about quitting their goals or dropping out of a team, she is willing to encourage them to continue on. And when that person needs help, she is willing to help them out.

Cameron is the kind of friend that will be there when a friend needs her. Whether it comes to tasks or hurt feelings, Cameron will be there. She may have moments where she wants to put her issues ahead of everyone else, but she always puts everyone else's ahead of her.


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