"I like the chaos here." -Carole Weber

Carole is a student at Bullworth. She has very deep, intimate feelings for Michael Diaz.


Carole is incredibly sensitive, and possessive to a sense. She is awkward, though can be very friendly but there is a deeper manipulation that lies within her. She will do whatever it takes to reach the goal that she wants. She is very attractive and can use that to her discrete advantage to leverage boys to do her bidding.


Carole has very luscious, thick, blond hair that goes down much of her back. Her green eyes also are a dominant feature that one may notice. She wears the girls uniform but has added textures to it, such as a tye-dye. She stands at exactly five feet tall, and is around 140 pounds. She has a bit of a heavier set build, but is still very curvy, and beautiful.


Carole's father left when she was very young, leaving her with a paranoid mother. She grew up in Bullworth Town and had dreams of leaving the town and settling in the big city. When she was in eighth grade she began to attend the academy. She has been there ever since.

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