"Those zits on my back are getting really annoying!"
— Casey Harris

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Casey Harris is a member of the Jocks clique in Bully.

Casey Harris
Clique Jocks
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions Jocks Challenge
Cheating Time
Voice Actor Dimitri Michann

Character Summary

Casey Halloween

Casey in his Halloween costume.

Casey is a tall jock, and has long, wavy blond hair and dark blue eyes. He wears a letterman jacket, gray slacks, and white sneakers. In the winter, he buttons up his jacket. On Halloween, he wears a devil mask.

He speaks with an American accent, though on occasion speaks in a "stupid jock" voice.

Casey is relatively pleasant and calls everyone "buddy", although he's as much a bully as most of the other Jocks. He's also, although not flat out stupid, somewhat lacking in sense. He's girl crazy, but apparently not successful with them, and he can't figure out why. His plan to break into the Girls' Dorm ended with him locked in the laundry room for a night. He also struggles academically, especially in English class. Mr. Galloway has failed him twice.

He claims to be one of the best looking guys at Bullworth, and on occasion says that Lola has feelings for him, though this may be wishful thinking, as he also mentions he hasn't had a date all year. He also talks about having zits on his back, and having shaved his chest.

He plays fullback for the Bullworth Bullhorns. Although he's a star player and has a letterman's jacket, he isn't high ranking in the Jocks clique, and resents this. His team number is 88.

Casey's father is an alcoholic.


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