Cutscene dialogue

  • Look at this! A bunch of guys whose career aspirations are to work in stores.
  • Oh, but Lola. I would have to steal it off of my father!
  • Do you have flushing toilets in your trailer? I couldn't imagine it.

While Conversing

  • I was just too big for the Glee Club, you know? Too many ideas.
  • I failed Biology and my dad won't pay for an A!
  • You know, these Nerds have zero sense of humor.
  • The hairspray from those Greasers are wrecking the ozone!
  • Like my shoes? They're genuine puppy leather.


  • Kiss my loafer, snot wipe!
  • Dork.
  • You came to me as a dream of a better life, or what!
  • Want a bloody nose?

Demanding protection money

  • It's basic economics, Jimmy. You supply my demand.

Requesting hiring money

  • I'm no socialist, I require goods or services before I help you.

Receiving hiring money

  • Thanks, but I have plenty of this at home though.

Compliments to Jimmy

  • I got a tie back at home that would look super with that shirt! (While wearing Aquaberry clothes)
  • Want to ride on my scooter, Jimmy? Next weekend sound good?

When going to attack

  • You can only push a prep so far!
  • You ignorant pauper, get over here!
  • Don't move, I need to punch you.
  • All right. Fisticuffs it is.

While Fighting

  • I'm unleashing prep power on your tychus!
  • Hit me hard and my daddy sues!
  • I know jiu-jitsu, punk!
  • Give up now. My shirt is getting dirty!

When Physically Bullied

  • My sterling reputation! Shattered!

Coming to aid

  • Hey! You need some help?
  • You want me, to fight too?


  • Who's afraid of big bad Chad? You are!
  • Yeah! Run home to mommy!

When kicked in the groin

  • Agh! My family jewels! My lineage destroyed!

Hit by Thrown Dead Rat

  • Help! I've been contaminated!

Knocked Out

  • Call my daddy! Call my lawyer!
  •  *Groan*
  • Ugh, my tummy! My TUMMY!
  • Ohh...a hundred dollars for an aspirin...please.
  • Oh man, am I dying? Is this it?
  • Is my face okay? Oh geez...
  • I'll make you pay for this for the rest of your life. (Beach Rumble)