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Chaplin Kale Mano
Chaplin portrait
illustrated by Memai

Full name:

Chaplin Kale Keone Mano






June 11th


O'ahu, Hawai'i






Muscular, large, pretty much a tank.




"'Sup, brahs?"

Chaplin Kale Mano was created by she who shall not be named for The Bully Roleplay Forums. He is a member of the Jock clique and one of the few students in Bullworth to be on good terms with Will from Gentlemen's 9th. He is also, unabashedly hunky.


Born and raised on the Hawaiian islands, Chaplin was all too happy to keep his easy-going life. Directionless but happy, his life came crashing down when his parents made (what seemed at the time) the rash decision to move to Bullworth. In New England. Where it snowed.

Not one to disappoint his parents, Chaplin went along with them. His father's dream of opening up a restaurant, as well as his mom's desire to be closer to her remaining family, was a decision he felt he couldn't challenge.

Still, Chaplin adapted to life at Bullworth, and upon arriving at the academy's gilded gates, he was quickly inducted into the Jocks.


Chaplin is very laidback and friendly, with a tendency to speak to you as if you're one of his friends (even to enemies or people he dislikes). He always has a smile on his face and always takes things lightly. He could make a straight face if he wanted to, but you know that deep down inside he'd much rather tell a joke. He's very outgoing, not afraid to strike up a conversation with anyone about anything, and can be something of a class clown, especially during presentations.

He's also extremely loyal to friend figures and people he admires. However, because of this, it's all too easy to break the poor idiot's heart, and he will hold a grudge against you for it. He's the type who will eventually forgive, but never will forget. He's also quite stubborn, standing by his (and his friends') opinions and isn't afraid to start up a fight if it'll prove his point. Chaplin is also naive, he'd believe anyone he likes. More manipulative friends of his use this weakness of his to exact their revenge on people they dislike. And while he's not quite dumb, some of the simplest things fly right over the poor boy's head, you literally need to draw things out for him.


-coming soon, darlings! -


Goals: To be a professional basketball player. (Secretly: To run his own restaurant)

Fears: Being alone (not just single, alone; no friends or companions), being out of the loop, being left behind.

Hobbies: Playing basketball, hanging out with his friends, going out with girls, guy stuff brahs, c'mon! (Secretly: Cooking)

Beliefs: He's more spiritual than anything. He probably wouldn't be able to tell you even if he tried.

Passions: Basketball and family!

Outlook on Life: What's your rush, brah?

Teams: Basketball (number 15), Football (Wide receiver, number 84), Soccer (goalie)

* anything that requires height, speed and catching things basically


Physical Strength: 8/10 [ He's a jock brahs, what did you expect? ]

Endurance: 7/10 [ He can hold out in his own in fights, but his mass usually slows him down ]

Attractiveness: 8/10 [ He's attractive, physically and personality-wise, is of mixed-heritage, athletic body and a killer smile. Who doesn't want that? ]

Honesty: 5/10 [ He'd lie to parents and teachers if it means he can get out doing a chore or test. He also cheats on tests, but he does try on his own. ]

Intelligence (Left): 2/10 [ He's an average student at best, with his own efforts. ]

Intelligence (Right): 5/10 [ He knows a thing or two about getting around, he can be creative if he wants to, and knows how to tell a good joke or make a story more interesting. ]

Compassion: 5/10 [ He isn't afraid to deck someone out if they piss him off enough, and he often settles the scores for his friends (like stuffing a nerd into a trash can) ]

Relationships with others

  • His best friend is Bo Jackson, and to a lesser extent, even Casey and Luis. He's usually seen with these three on any given day and always hangs out with them.
  • He admires Ted, but can only tolerate Damon long enough until P.E or practice is over.
  • He used to date Christy Martin for a little while, until they broke it off. They remain on good terms though.
  • The reason he's on such good terms with Will? He's in a relatioship with him, albeit secretly.
  • Because of his good standing with Will, he doesn't like the Preppies (and they don't like him either).


Walking around

  • "Wonder if a braddah's gonna see Will tonight?"
  • "Teachers don't get brahs are still on Hawaiian time."
  • "Ho wait till the brahs hear this!"


Good terms:

  • "Hey brah."
  • "Howzit, brah?"
  • "'Sup, brah?"

Bad terms

  • "Betta' go, brah."
  • "Like beef, brah?"
  • "Hey brah, got nothin' betta' to do?"

Saying Goodbye

Good terms:

  • "See you around, brah!"
  • "'Kay den."
  • "Guess we hang some other time?"

Bad terms:

  • "Not cool, brah."
  • "Leave, brah."
  • "I really don' wanna hurt you, brah."

When flirted with

Good terms:

  • "*nervously laughs* Aww c'mon brah <3"
  • "Fo' real, brah?"
  • "Well, when you say it like dat..."

Bad terms:

  • "... what?"
  • "*laughs* No way, brah."
  • "That's gross, brah."

Watching a fight

  • "Give em'!"
  • "Ho braddah's leg shouldn't bend that way!"
  • "The face brah! GO FOR THE FACE!"


  • "K'den, you asked for it!"
  • "Dat's IT!"
  • "You're finished, brah!"

While Fighting

  • "Had enough yet, brah?"
  • "C'mon brah, dat all you got?"
  • "You did this to yourself."

Chasing someone

  • "'EY!"
  • "I'm not done with you yet!"
  • "C'mon brah, talk a while!"

Out of Breath

  • "Damn a braddah can run!"
  • "Dis is stupid!"
  • "You never gave a braddah time to warm up!"

When hidden from

  • "You can't hide forever brah!"
  • "Got lucky this time, brah!"
  • "Next time, brah, you won't be so lucky!"

Kneed in groin

  • "Not cool brah!"

Stink bomb explodes

  • "Is someone eating Edna's casserole?"

Trivia and Extra Information

  • His favorite type of music is hip-hop and rap.
  • You could probably get him off your back if you offer him some churros.
  • He hates the seasonal New England weather, and wears an extra layer of clothes during winter than the other students.
  • He has a major sweet tooth and usually has no qualms about eating desert before breakfast.
  • His voice actor would probably be Jason Scott Lee.
  • He's unsure about his sexuality; he's dated girls, but he has had harmless, tiny crushes on other guys in his life and has a relationship with Will. He doesn't really care though and thinks it's all too confusing.

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