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Chemistry is one of the classes available at Bullworth Academy in Bully.

Watts chem

Dr. Watts, the Chemistry teacher.

Class Summary

Chemistry is taught by Dr. Watts and consists of the player pushing specific buttons that pass through a box on the screen. In Bully: Scholarship Edition for Wii, the player must make various motions that correspond with Jimmy's.


Jimmy Hopkins in Chemistry.

Jimmy Hopkins takes Chemistry in the morning, as his first class of the week. Each completion of a Chemistry class unlocks a new weapon or more access to the Chemistry set in Jimmy's dorm room.

Jimmy chem lab

The explosive reaction that occurs when a mistake is made.

The class itself seems to be mainly mixing chemicals. At one point, Dr. Watts claims that the classes will be mixing volatile chemicals. Making a mistake in the class results in an explosive chemical reaction.


The classroom consists of a total of six lab tables, three on each side. Each table has one stool though they all seem capable of seating two students. Jimmy uses the lab table at the very front of the classroom, closest to the door.


Class Reward
Chemistry 1 Firecrackers available from chemistry set
Chemistry 2 Stink bombs available from chemistry set
Chemistry 3 Itching powder available from chemistry set
Chemistry 4 Full inventory of weapons rather than half
Chemistry 5 Unlimited number of uses of chemistry set per day


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