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"Some of the bullies need to be taught a lesson"
— Chloe

Chloe Hernandez is a fifth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM. The character is based off of a good friend of Westside in real life.

Chloe Hernandez
Chloe Hernandez
Birthday September 19th, 1990
Eye Color Light Brown
Hair Color Caramel Brown
Height 5'4
Grade Junior
Clique None
Gender Female
Hometown Salinas, California
Creator Westside JDM


Chloe stands at an average height of 5'4. She has caramel brown hair folded into a bob, with light brown eyes, she also walks around with a smile on her face.

Uniform wise, she wears the non-clique uniform, with white knee socks and black Mary-Jane shoes. In the winter, she takes off the knee socks, and puts on white tights, white gloves, and a teal and white scarf.

For Halloween, she dresses as a cheerleader.


Chloe is kind hearted person, when somebody needs a friend to help with their burdens, she's definitely somebody to go to when you're depressed or just sad in general.

She has a good sense of humor, and she sometimes has a good one-liner.

She doesn't stand for bullying, when she witnesses somebody being bullied, she's likely to stand up for the person who's being bullied.

Lastly, she's a forgiving person.

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