"Oh, there you are, Jimmy. I'll make this quick. Your mom has sent you a Christmas present."
— Ms. Danvers

This is only a brief summary. For more information, please visit the Christmas is Here page at Bully Wiki.

Christmas is Here is the first storyline mission in Chapter 3 of Bully.

Christmas is Here
Christmas is here
Jimmy getting his Christmas present.
Location: Main Office
Time(s) Available: First Chapter 3 morning
Reward: Cheerful Reindeer Sweater

Mission Summary

Jimmy Hopkins wakes up the morning after the first snow of the year in Bullworth. Over the P.A., Ms. Danvers announces to him to please come to the office, as his mother has sent him a Christmas present.

Jimmy makes his way to the office, where Ms. Danvers greets him and gives him the present. She tells him that he is lucky his mother is so nice.

The present ends up being a forest green sweater with Rudolph the Reindeer's face on it, with a red puffball for his nose. As Jimmy walks through the school, his classmates laugh at him.

Video Walkthrough

Christmas is Here - Mission -30 - Bully- Scholarship Edition01:06

Christmas is Here - Mission -30 - Bully- Scholarship Edition

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