"The bullies will always go after us here." -Christopher Reid. Christopher is a member of the Grunge Kids.


Christopher is a friendly student, if not rather cynical and negative. He views life as a brief tangent of pain and sadness. He is gay and though he's made no effort to conceal it he hasn't been very forward about it. Usually he is skeptical and even paranoid of the intent of others.


Christopher is 6'0", and weighs 155 pounds. He is tall and rather lanky. He has long black hair that is rather dirty, and unkempt, much like Grunge Kids leader Gregory Todd. He wears either a red flannel, or even a brown leather jacket, over his school uniform. He wears torn jeans.


Christopher was raised in Bullworth and had been a member of the student body since he was young. Both parents had rejected him for his homosexuality and as such he always felt like an outsider amongst everyone. He was always sad about it, until he met Gregory Todd, and the two had hit it off, forming a strong bond.

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