"What if I start a rumor about me being a princess?"
— Christy Martin

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Christy Martin is a Non-Clique student in Bully.

Christy Martin
Christy Martin
Clique Non-Clique Students
Gender Female
Family Wade Martin - Brother UNKNWN
Mr. Martin - Father UNKNWN
Kissable Yes
Voice Actor Maine Anders

Character Summary

Christy has red hair that is tied in a ponytail, and green eyes. She wears a white blouse, plaid dark teal skirt and a matching tie. On her feet she wears white knee socks and black Mary Janes. In the winter, Christy wears white tights, mittens, a dark and pale teal striped scarf, and a hat. Her pajamas are pink. She is on the cheer squad, and can be seen in her cheer uniform in the gym and around the football field on occasion.

Outgoing and bubbly, Christy enjoys gossiping and spreading rumors. She is very interested on the weekly gossip around the school, and enjoys making out, and is hinted to be promiscuous. Despite this, she has a dark side, and appears to be suicidal. She can be heard talking about setting the school on fire or committing suicide, and when provoked she threatens to strangle or whip people with her hair ribbon.

Christy reading in the Girls' Dorm.

She is most likely related to Wade Martin and Mr. Martin, the three of them share a surname and hair color. Additionally, their dialogue about their troubled home lives match up.

Angie Ng is Christy's best friend, and they are on the cheer squad together. She also appears on Ted Thompson's presidential campaign posters with Mandy.


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