Wandering around

  • We need like snack break and tea break in school.
  • I'm so bored. I wish something would happen.
  • I feel trapped here. I belong with the famous people.
  • I wonder what everyone is talking about this week.
  • What if I start a rumor about me being a princess?
  • Life is so boring...


  • Hiya!
  • Hi.
  • Hello.

Greeting Jimmy

  • Hi! I'm so glad to see you.
  • Hello you! In the flesh

Greeting authority

  • Hello ma'am!
  • Hello!

Greeting in bad terms

  • Oh! It's you. Hi.
  • Hello, loser.
  • Hi, but I don't know you.

Greeting when scared

  • Uh...hello.

Saying goodbye

  • There's a girl who got breast implants so I have to go gossip.
  • I have to go be bored somewhere else now.
  • I have to go brush my hair now, so bye.

Saying goodbye to other students

  • See ya.
  • Goodbye!
  • Bye-bye.

Butt pinched

  • Ouch!
  • That's not funny!

Requesting a gift

  • Can you give me something that will remind me of you?
  • Do you have something special for me?

When receiving a gift

  • (Gasp) I'm really touched!
  • This is so sweet!

When flirted with

  • I like being alone with you.
  • If you kiss once a day, you live longer.

After kissing

  • I can't wait to graduate so I can do that all the time!
  • I heard like ten people made out here.
  • Let's try not to tell anyone!

Giving a gift

  • Here dear!

Seeing a boy in the Girls' Dorm/bathroom

When freaking out

  • Gross!
  • Yucky!
  • What's he doing there?!

When friendly

  • Well, why are you here?

Complimenting Jimmy's appearance

  • Hey! You look nice!
  • Where did you get that shirt? It's cute!
  • Cool shoes! They're comfortable?
  • I like those pants! They're hot!
  • That hat looks good on you!
  • Somebody was telling me about your haircut. It's nice!

Bumped into


  • Ow! It's okay.
  • No worries.


  • What are you doing?
  • Would you watch it?!
  • That hurt!
  • I hear you do this to everyone.
  • No wonder everyone says you're clumsy.
  • So it's true! You lack coordination!
  • Watch it, please!

Bumped into Jimmy after he's expelled

  • Please! Loser!

Hit with a dead rat

  • Eeeeeww! Just kill me! Gross!

Hit with a stink bomb

  • (coughing) This is so much worse than I heard.

Grossed out

  • That's sick! I'm gonna tell everybody!

Hit by a car/bike

  • I have friends who will help me!
  • This is so embarrassing!
  • I'm not worried, help is on the way.

Knocked off bike

  • Oh no!
  • What happened?!

Seeing successful bike trick

  • That's cool!
  • You know who else can do that?

Seeing failed bike trick

  • Oops!
  • Too bad!

Commenting freak show

  • I heard some freaks can look at one eye with the other! For real!

Commenting carnival rides

  • That was fun!
  • I wanna go again!

Joining food fight

  • Game on!

Hit by a sneak attack

  • What was that?!
  • Hey!

Hit by friendly fire

  • It's me! Stop!
  • Look! It's Christy!
  • Stop it, silly!


  • I hope you'll be humiliated before his friends!

Calling for help

  • Everybody help me out here!
  • I need help!

Starting a fight

  • I'm gonna give people something to gossip about!
  • No curriculum!

While fighting

  • Here's a present!
  • Take this and be quiet!
  • Just for you!
  • There!

Chasing someone

  • I'll scratch you face!
  • I'm gonna beat you and say you tried to violate me!

Out of breath

  • (panting) I really need to be in a summer vacation right now (panting)

Hidden from

  • This is why people say you're like a squirrel!
  • I'll make sure people know how lame you are!

Knocked out

  • I'm finished.... ah.
  • What will everyone say!
  • Wake me up when school is over!
  • Please don't tell anyone!

Spit on

  • That is GROSS!

Watching a fight

  • Show me something I can talk about!
  • Are you dancing?
  • Are you fighting or flirting?

Seeing a friend being attacked

  • Are you okay?
  • Oh no!


  • I wonder if washing your face makes you wrinkle.
  • I'm so young and full of hope.

When the fire alarm goes off

  • I heard somebody was planning on setting off the alarm.


Laughing at friends

  • Ha ha ha ha you make me laugh!

Laughing at other people

  • That is ridiculous!


  • Go go go!
  • I want entertainment!
  • Prove everyone wrong!
  • Go for the jugular!

Seeing someone tagging a wall

  • That's so not cool! I'm gonna tell everyone!

Seeing something cool

  • Wow!
  • Neat!

Seeing something lame

  • It's kind of lame!
  • It's okay...I guess.

Reacting to weapon fired

  • There it goes!
  • Dodge, people, dodge!

Reacting to vandalism

  • Stop!
  • You devil! What are you doing?!


  • I really shouldn't be telling you about this incident, but I will.
  • I'm not naming names but there's a person who has done a lot of very bad things.


  • I can't hold it!
  • (Belching noise)


  • Everyone says you're a peace-loving person.
  • I can see why people say you're a true diplomat.


  • Ah, what was that for?!
  • I'm gonna tell everyone what you did!
  • You're going to be laughed at everywhere!


  • I'm so bored I want to strangle myself with a tie!
  • I'm so sick of this school, I can set it on fire!


  • You can lick my shoe sole!
  • You're lame.
  • Wimp!
  • Show me your loser face!
  • I can whip you with my ribbon!
  • I can strangle you with a tie!
  • You're not even worth talking about.
  • (Shoving) Gotcha!
  • (Shoving) Uh-huh!

Insulting the new kid

  • Is it true that you occasionally suck your thumb?

Insulting Jimmy's appearance

  • Mister number one on the worst-dressed list.
  • Did you hear about this really ugly hat that's missing?
  • Sorry about that accident at the barber.
  • Does the shirt smell worst than it looks?
  • Are those pants part of the clown suit?
  • Those shoes are like giants bugs!
  • Can you cover your face, so I can just look at the cool clothes?
  • How you like your eggs? On your face?
  • I heard you have a really ugly tattoo. Wow!

Insulting Jimmy when expelled

  • Nobody even wants to talk about you now!

When insulted


  • Don't be mean, I just want to graduate!
  • I'm just a regular kid! Don't pick on me!

Ignoring insult

  • You mean nothing to me.
  • Thanks, I like your work too.
  • Your words have no effect.
  • I'm so upset I'm getting sleepy.

Comebacks after being insulted

  • Calm down! Nobody likes you!
  • Easy now! Don't make me talk about your mom!
  • Wanna run to the bathroom before you get too excited?!
  • How's that bed-wetting problem?
  • At least I'm not a whining boy!
  • You're going down!


  • I wanna get away from this place (sobbing)


  • (Sobbing) I can't believe it!
  • This is just...too much! (sobs)

When bullied

Before being given a swirlie

  • Wait! I'll tell you anything you wanna know!
  • Wait!

After being given a swirlie

  • I hate my life! I wanna move!

When shoved into a locker/being given a wedgie, etc

  • People warned me about you!
  • Everyone will know your most embarrassing secrets!

Leading the way

  • After me!
  • Stay with me!

When Jimmy doesn't follow her

  • No! Not that way!
  • Hello?! Wrong way!


  • it's boring everyday and then you die!

What is that?

  • Mmmm

When the TV is turned off

  • (Gasp) Hey!


Initiating conversation

  • So, you know what else?
  • Anywho


  • Oh my god! Did you see Mandy making herself sick in the toilet again?
  • I swear she got a nose job and she's like only 12. It's totally not cool.
  • Ms. Phillips hits on male students.
  • Did you hear there's fresh blood on the floor of the hole?
  • I hear everyone is betting on the Jocks this year.
  • School elections are always rigged with money changing hands.

Chapter 1

  • Somebody said Gary is actually a lot older.

Chapter 2

  • The Preps say they have a secret plan to beat the Greasers.

Chapter 3

  • Lola's made out at all the spots with new graffiti.

Chapter 4

  • Rumor has it there'll be more pictures of Mandy coming.

Chapter 5

  • I heard the Preps are taking a trip abroad when school is out.

Chapter 6

  • Did you hear? Mr. Burton is in therapy after that incident.

Conversing at the Girls' Dorm/bathroom

  • I hear almost all the Prep boys are carrying protection.

Reacting to rumor

  • That's what I heard too!
  • That's not the latest.
  • Yeah, but it's a secret.
  • That is unbelievable


  • I can't stand it here! What if a never leave Bullworth?!
  • One time I spread a rumor about a girl and she ran away!
  • I'm so bored, sometimes I feel like I'm boring!
  • I have to tell people what I know. I'm a communicator.

Reacting to whining

  • Everyone knows that already.
  • It's okay. That's like old news.
  • Nobody cares, we're too busy.
  • That's great, no, really.


  • It's terrible that our privacy is invaded often.
  • I don't understand why people are so serious, it's just school!
  • I think summer break should be like five months long.
  • Why do we have to do homework?
  • I don't like having Mr. Burton as a Gym teacher. He's such a creep!

Conversing with ally

  • I keep my mouth shut when I have nothing to say.
  • I never tell a lie unless it's a white lie.
  • I going to move to a big city with big rumors.
  • I never forget a rumor once I hear it.
  • I like everyone, I like to hear everyone's stories.


  • That is amazing!
  • People say that's a good thing.
  • Someone else was saying that about you.


  • Have you ever been to a school in a big city?
  • Have you ever spread a rumor that wasn't true?
  • Have you seen a celebrity of close?
  • Did you ever start a rumor about yourself?
  • Did you ever get your haircut in a real salon?

Replying questions

  • No, n-no, no.
  • Sure! Totally!
  • I don't think so.
  • Yeah I think.

During missions

Chapter I

  • Hey, check it out... a new boy.
  • Sure, it's right outside between the Boys' Dorm and Harrington House.
  • It's right outside, dumbass. Can't miss it.

Chapter II

  • I can't believe lunch is late again. How immature!
  • Hey, Angie! Check this out!
  • This is the picture I'm putting into the Yearbook. Does it make me look fat?
  • Yeah, you're right, I'm being silly.
  • Okay.
  • This is so exciting!

Chapter IV

  • Where did they go? It's like there's a thief in the laundry room or something.
  • This is so annoying.
  • Sure thing, you big bull, but you gotta keep the costume on.
  • Let's see your moves!
  • C'mon, Mascot! Do your thing!
  • Not bad for a guy in a furry animal outfit.
  • Ha ha, I keep forgetting how dorky that is.
  • Yay! School spirit!
  • Hey, would you look at how much our Mascot sucks?
  • Guys! Our Mascot's trying to embarrass us...

Chapter V

  • Liar!
  • You're ugly and nasty!

Errands related quotes

Requesting help

  • Can you help me please? Just like for a second?

Receiving help

  • Rumor has it... this is the deal.


  • Hey Jimmy, I need to get back to the Girls' Dorm. Would you please walk me home?
  • I need to go back to the motel, but I don't want to go alone. Would you please walk me there?
  • Jimmy? Won't you walk with me a while?
  • I have to get to the store, but I'm bored. Won't you walk me there?
  • Would you be a dear and walk me to the store? That'd be just super.
  • I totally have to go somewhere but, I don't want to go alone. Would you please walk with me?