"Everybody's so big and mean here!"
— Claire
Claire Patania
Claire Patania
Birthday June 14th, 1990
Eye Color Monterey Blue
Hair Color Giallo Blonde
Height 4'8
Grade Sophomore
Clique None
Status Student
Relationship Status In a relationship
Gender Female
Family Joseph Patania - Father
Annemarie Wieshart- Mother
Hometown San Diego, California
Nationality Italian
Rival Stephanie Rogers
Affiliations Andreas Kohler - Boyfriend
Main Hangouts Library
Creator Westside JDM

Claire Patania is a fourth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM.


She stands at a petite four feet and eight inches tall, due to her background in gymnastics, that goes back to kindergarten.

She has Giallo blonde hair with a reverse widow's peak, and Monterey blue eyes. She's also known as the blonde version of Paige, because she has the same hairstyle as her. She also has the same puppy-dog face as Paige.

She wears the non-clique uniform, with blue shorts and dim gray stockings

In the winter, she wears a long beige blouse with black tights.

She's also extremely flexible, She can do the splits to the side and on both legs. she had plans on being a cheerleader; but those plans were foiled by Mandy rejecting her from the squad.


She's a quiet person, and she's quite shy. Due to past experiences with bullying, she avoids eye contact with everybody, and typically looks down when people talk to her.

She's also easily scared by sudden noises. Even the slightest movement can scare the living daylights out of her.

She has gigaphobia, due to a past experience with tall people. Anybody over 5'7 will scare her away, or she'll likely reject them for their height. She feels more comfortable around the shorter people, because they're more "Down to earth."

She has a stuttering issue, which is never addressed. When around tall people, her stuttering becomes even more persistent.

She is however intelligent. Her favorite subject is Chemistry, Math, and Engineering, due to her father being a chemical engineer, and her mother being a civil engineer.

When she sights somebody she's uncomfortable with, or people fighting, she's likely to just turn around and try to act like nothing is going on behind her, or that said person is not near her.

She does want loving, but only the tall guys want to date her, because all the tall guys like short blonde girls who only weigh 90 pounds, but she will reject and rebuff and shun anyone who is over 5'7

Around the tall girls, she's even more fearful. She's likely to start trembling like a scared puppy, and her voice will begin the shake, and she'll stutter even more than when she's around tall people.

If she's partners with a tall boy or girl in a class, it depends. If it's a boy, she'll typically avoid eye contact when talking to them, if it's a girl, she'll just beg them not to hurt her, and typically say she'll do anything for them, as long as they don't hurt her.

Interests, Hobbies, and Talents

She's short because she's a gymnast. If she didn't do gymnastics, she'd be about 5'5, not 4'8. She's a level nine gymnast in training. She's done gymnastics since kindergarten.

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