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Not to be confused with Marissa Belmonte her sister

Not to be confused with Claire Patania an original character with a similar first name

"People think I'm a bitch, but It's not my fault, Mandy has high demands of her squad mates, and I worked hard to become a cheerleader"
— Clarissa
Clarissa Belmonte
Clarissa Belmonte
Birthday April 14th, 1988
Aliases - Claire
Eye Color Sepia Brown
Hair Color Beaver Brown
Height 5'9
Clique Jocks
Status Senior
Relationship Status Single
Gender Female
Family Frank Belmonte
Marissa Belmonte
Joshua Belmonte
Hometown Monterey, California
Nationality South African
Rival Mandy Wiles (Secretly)
Affiliations Cheer Squad
Main Hangouts Football Field
Creator Westside JDM

Clarissa Belmonte is a Third-Generation Original Character created by Westside JDM. She is the sister of Marissa Belmonte.


She stands at 5'9. She has Sepia brown eyes, and Otter Brown hair. She also wears headphones over her ears.

For the uniform, she is forced by Mandy to wear her cheer uniform every day of the year, but when winter comes along, she puts on a long beige blouse with blue tights.

For Halloween, she dresses as Wonder Woman


She tries to be friendly with her sister, Marissa. Except, Marissa fears Claire is going to call her "Audrey Junior" or she's going to engage in psychological teenager games.

She only became a cheerleader, because she wants to wear the uniform, not because she wants to be popular or anything like that.

At cheer practice, she's a quiet person. She doesn't say anything to anyone, and treats everybody with respect, even if they disrespect her.

When she's with her family, she's much more interesting, and easier to have a conversation with. She has a lot to say about being a cheerleader, be it the fights her more feared squad mates, or them bullying the unpopular students who walk by them for no apparent reason.

In general, she's a quiet person, and she doesn't have much to say about herself.

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