"I'll fix that car of yours, if y'all are willing to make a trade for it."
— Clete
Cletus "Clete" Dalton is an Original Character created by SodaCat.

Character Description

Suntanned and midsized, Cletus is brown eyed with dirty blond hair that sticks wildly out from beneath a dirty backwards baseball cap he insists on wearing all the time with the Georgia Bulldogs logo on the front.

Besides the theme of a baseball cap, flannel, and jeans, the only thing that is really constant about Cletus is the dirt on his face. Though he's not unhygienic, he seems to be a dirt magnet. Always covered in dirt, mud, or some sort of motor-related fluid.

As stated, he's midsized. He isn't necessarily muscular like some of the students at the academy, but he's got his share of tone and manages not to be a tiny stick. In his mind, he wouldn't be able to hold his tools if he was too weak.


Made fun of for most of his Bullworth life for being a classic "hillbilly", Cletus has retaliated by going almost exclusively by 'Clete' or 'Dalton'. He keeps his middle name a secret. He doesn't know who in the government allowed his father to name him the way he did, but god damn it if he won't be changing it as soon as he can.

That said, he isn't really one for talking. He's not mean, per se, but he tends to avoid the students at Bullworth because they're not like the people he was used to meeting in Georgia. He tends to keep to himself, and on the rare occasion will socialize with the Greasers, though purely on car and mechanic related topics.

Despite this, he is a nice guy to those who actually take the time to befriend them. He's levelheaded, if not a little bit brusque, and speaks his mind. His idea of a relaxing day is taking a Sunday drive and drinking a couple beers by a lake, fishing.

He's an avid fan of the band Midnight Riders, having seen them as a child with his father.

Home Life

Back home, Clete's got a dad who taught him everything he knows about cars and a mom who volunteers at the church. He spent the majority of his childhood playing outside and learning to fix things with his old man. The only reason he's at Bullworth is because his folks wanted to give him a shot at growing up to be something other than a mechanic. They haven't quite yet realized that that's what he wants.


  • Cletus' home state, music taste, and design are slightly inspired by Valve's Left 4 Dead 2 and one of its main characters, Ellis.

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