"I just got robbed by a dorky kid, and I'm having an asthma attack... of course I'm not okay!"
— Zack Owens

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Comic Klepto is a non-storyline mission first available in Chapter 3 of Bully.

Comic Klepto
Comic klepto
Jimmy approaching Zack.
Location: Dragon's Wing Comics store
Time(s) Available: Between 4PM and 7PM
Reward: $30

Mission Summary

Bullworth Academy student Constantinos Brakus runs out of the Dragon's Wing Comics Store, with store clerk Zack Owens running after him.

Zack calls after Constantinos, calling him a thief, but is having trouble chasing after him due to his asthma. He begins staggering, clutching his inhaler to his chest, and takes a seat on the bench outside of the comic store.

Jimmy Hopkins approaches him, and asks if he is okay. Zack replies that he "just got robbed by a dorky kid" and is having an asthma attack, so he is of course not okay. He offers Jimmy $5 and some comic books if he helps him get back the items that Constantinos stole. Interested in the payment, Jimmy agrees.

Constantinos bikes away from Jimmy, and Jimmy is to follow him on a yellow BMX. He is to catch Constantinos before he gets back to the school. Constantinos rides at higher speeds than usual, and throws firecrackers at Jimmy when he is behind him.

Once Jimmy knocks out Constantinos, he is to pick up the comic and return to Zack at the comic store. He gives Zack the comic and tells him he doesn't need his own comics and to just give him the money. Zack in turn gives him $30, mumbling something about "kids these days", before returning back to the store.

Video Walkthrough

-HD- Bully Scholarship Edition- 31 Comic Klepto02:24

-HD- Bully Scholarship Edition- 31 Comic Klepto

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