"Apparently positive thinkers outlive pessimists. Great, so I'm going to die young, AND miserable."
— Constantinos Brakus

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Constantinos Brakus is a Non-Clique student in Bully.

Constantinos Brakus
Clique Non-Clique Students
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions Comic Klepto
Nice Outfit
Voice Actor Mathew Stadelman

Character Summary

Constantinos is short, skinny and scrawny. He has black hair that is combed back, and brown eyes. He usually wears a dark teal Bullworth sweater over a white collared shirt and a black tie, along with tan slacks and black loafers. In the winter, he adds a teal and gray striped knit cap with ear flaps, and gray fingerless gloves.

He has a very glum and pessimistic personality, even going as far to admit to being a pessimist. He often complains about things, and does not laugh at amusing things that he sees. He has a habit of lying, and is a kleptomaniac. In Comic Klepto, he steals comic books from the Dragon's Wing Comics store. Early in the year, he also steals a box of chocolates from Eunice.

Prior to having the job stolen by Jimmy, Constantinos is the school's mascot. Despite his claims that the Jocks respect him while he is dressed as the mascot, they bully and ridicule him while he is in uniform. Constantinos also has an unrequited crush on Pinky, and writes for the school's newspaper. He is also the victim in penalty shots. Additionally, he is hinted to have a crush on Gloria Jackson, as he sends Jimmy on an errand to put chocolates in her locker.

Constantinos is the only older student who snitches to Prefects.

Often, his name is abbreviated to "Const."


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