Walking Around

  • Apparently positive thinkers outlive pessimists. Great. So I'm going to die young AND miserable.
  • That window's been broken six times already. Figures in a dump like this.
  • If the sky fell on my head I don't think I'd feel any worse than I do right now!
  • This school is rotten to the core!
  • Bullworth is the worst school ever.


  • I'm not a pessimist. I'm just in a bad mood. Permanently.
  • Yeah the Greasers wanted me to join them because of my hand to hand skills, but I'm not interested!
  • Yeah I went to the girls dorm last night, they totally tired me out.
  • I think Mr. Burton really hates everybody.
  • Have you know that all of the teacher hate us ?

When Attacking

  • I don't like to use violence, cuz my problem's butt's!

When Fighting

  • I'm gonna kill you!
  • You suck big time!
  • You fight like my mom!
  • Hit me with your best shot!
  • Genuinely awful!
  • I hate you!


  • Honestly, don't mess with me.


  • Back Off!
  • You annoying prick!

Watching Fights

  • Kick 'im in the nuts!
  • You both suck at fighting.

Addressing Jimmy

  • Please don't hurt me, I'll write about you in the school paper.
  • Kay,,,, I'll do your homework for next week
  • You know i have money


  • I hate my life!

Hit by a stink bomb

  • I hate stink bombs!
  • That's not funny, it just smells.

Given a swirlie

  • Ohh you could have flushed it first!
  • I think I have something in my ear.
  • As usual I get picked on!

Hit by bike

  • Oh great, now I've been run over... can my day get any worse?
  • No no that's fine, just go straight through me!

After being knocked out

  • I...hate you...!
  • I want to die...
  • Groan* I....can't...take it anymore...
  • Everything hurts...
  • Why did you do that?
  • You'll...regret day...

While snitching to a Prefect

  • I know you won't believe me, but I just saw something that you should know about.

Taken down and spit on

  • Oh! You are so disgusting!

Kicked in groin

  • Ugh! That hurts so much!

All Quotes

During missions and others

  • Sure... I'll give you the chocolate, if you pay.
  • Whoa! Take the stupid chocolate.
  • I didn't want them anyway.
  • Ooohh... so you want this crap?
  • It isn't halloween for real if no one throws a dead rat at a girl. Will you do it Jimmy?
  • Get lost, retard!
  • Leave me alone!
  • You won't catching me!
  • Hey! Check this out!
  • Move it! Come in through!
  • Out of my way!
  • Watch out!
  • Eat flaming death!
  • You'll never catch me!
  • This kid is trying to steal the comics! Help!
  • Guys! Jimmy's being a jerk!

Giving the errand

  • Let me say... let me say!
  • I'm sick of those bullies harassing me all the time! I'll pay you if you beat a bunch of them up.
  • You know what would be cool? If you egged the girls' dorm. Come on, do it!
  • There's this girl you see, and I want to put some chocolate in her locker. Will you do it?
  • I heard you're the locker stuffing champion. Wanna prove it?

Getting knocked off bike

  • Typical. My bike's probably broken as well.
  • I should to guessed that would happen to me!

Comment on successful bike trick

  • That sucks!
  • I don't think that was particularly impressive!

Comment on failed attempt at trick

  • Are you okay?
  • That looked painful.

Stealing a bike

  • I really need this bike!
  • Someone just stole my bike!

Has bike stolen from

  • Do you want my sweater as well while you're at it?!
  • That's the second time today! Can't you people buy your own bikes?!

Winning a fight #1

  • Oooh... I feel dizzy!
  • Hey...! This is actually fun!

When into him bump friend

  • Sorry!
  • Excuse me!
  • Ex-cuse me!

When into him bump others students and enemies

  • Can't you just watch where you're going?!
  • What are you, blind?
  • Doesn't anybody look where they're going?!
  • I suppose I should, jump out of your way, should I?
  • That's so typical. Why don't you mind you're walking?
  • What am I? Just like, some nobody you can bump into?
  • Hey! Watch it, bozo.

When into him bump Jim after he's expelled

  • Hey! You can't bump me anymore. You're more of a nobody than me!

Getting hit with bike/car

  • Oh great. I've just been run over. Can my day get any worse?
  • Why does this stuff always happen to me?
  • No, no, that's fine. Just drive straight through me.

Saying Goodbye

  • Jimmy, hey! I gotta go write an article for the paper.
  • I feel a bit sick. I think I better lie down.
  • I'm starving. I gotta go find something to eat.

Saying about something at the carnival

  • That was terrible.
  • That almost made me lose the will to live.

Calling friends for help

  • I need some help over here!
  • Can somebody, anybody, please help me!

Chasing someone

  • Stop! I can't be bothered to run!
  • If you stop, we could settle this like men.

When someone hide from him

  • God damn it, I can't go there and you know it.
  • Come back here and face me!

Out of breath

  • I think... I'm gonna... Hurry!

Walking around talking to himself

  • I'm hungry already.
  • How cannot be expected to survive on so little food?
  • That window's been broken six times already. Figures in a dump like this.
  • This whole school is rotten to the core!
  • If the sky fell on my head I don't think I'd feel any worse than I do right now!
  • Bullworth is the worst school ever.


  • I think it's a disgrace.
  • Did you see? I think it's outrageous.

When confused

  • I just don't understand.


  • Well done, I suppose!
  • That was okay!

During a conversation

  • There was something else I wanted to tell you.
  • Can I say one more thing actually?
  • I think Mr. Burton really hates everybody.
  • I'm in love with Pinky and she doesn't even look at me.
  • Edna never gives anyone enough food at mealtimes.
  • Ted and his cronies think they own this dump.
  • What's with all these cliques? They suck.
  • Those jerks think they on the top floor at the boys' dorm.
  • What's with all these garden gnomes...? Everyone seems to haven't their yards, they suck.
  • There's so much graffiti around these days. I think it makes this place looks like even more of a dump.
  • Everyone else seems to have seen those pictures of Mandy. Everyone except me, of course.
  • Thank God. We can get out of this place soon.
  • Great so there's rats in the library. How am I supposed to return my books then?
  • Yeah I know what you mean.
  • That can't be true.
  • Yeah. How depressing.
  • You must be joking.
  • Apparently positive thinkers outlive pessimists. Great. So I'm going to die young AND miserable.
  • I'm not a pessimist. I'm just in a bad mood. Permanently.
  • Did I ever tell you that my parents actually dislike me?
  • I sometimes feel like it's just not worth it, you know.
  • Former.
  • I know how you feel.
  • You think you've got it bad?
  • That's nothing. I'd kill to be in your situation.
  • This school is falling apart.
  • None of us will be able to get jobs when we'll leave school.
  • Life sucks. And then you die.
  • What can go wrong will go wrong.
  • See you later, I guess!
  • Bye then!
  • Okay then, bye!
  • I'm working on the yearbook now. It's gonna be awesome!
  • I was nominated for an award for that article I wrote in the school paper.
  • I haven't had any money stolen for all week!
  • I'm gonna leave here as soon as I can!

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