"I love mathematics! It's the key to the universe!"
— Cornelius Johnson

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Cornelius Johnson is a a member of the Nerds clique in Bully.

Cornelius Johnson
Clique Nerds
Gender Male
Rival Jocks
Kissable Yes
Missions Wrong Part of Town
Stronghold Assault
The Big Game
Voice Actor Chaz Stevens

Character Summary

Corny library

Cornelius at the library.

Cornelius is underweight, and has black hair that is shaved on the sides, and has a quiff at the front. He has light brown eyes, and wears the standard nerd Astronomy club vest and brown slacks that are pulled up to his stomach. He wears brown half moon glasses. In the winter, he wears a green puffball hat with yellow stripes, and big black snow boots. He believes that he may be growing a mustache.

Even for a nerd, Cornelius is very academically orientated. His favorite subject is math, and he has a 4.0 GPA. He spends his free time in the library reading textbooks, particularly math ones, and a particular wish of his is to be locked in an ivory tower filled with math books. Apart from math, his interests include taxonomy.

Like the other nerds, Cornelius enjoys playing Grottos & Gremlins. He is a part of the drama club, and played Juliet in the school production of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Contrary to his academic success, Cornelius has the worst score on the physical aptitude test in the academy, as announced by Ms. Danvers.

Cornelius is bisexual, and has a unrequited love for Mandy.

On the Bully Soundboard, he was named Cornelius Thomas.


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