All Quotes

During missions and others

  • Excellent job Earnest!
  • I'm with you Earnest!
  • Look, it's Dr. Watts!
  • Oh hi Edna!
  • What the... Let's go!
  • Leave me alone you brutes!
  • He's at the pizza parlor, okay? Please let me go now...
  • Help meee! Please! Anybody!
  • Oh thanks so much Jimmy. Hey. I was lying when I told Johnny that Algie is at the pizza parlor. You've got to go help him!
  • Oh wonderful! You found him!
  • I hope nobody sees us doing this. Our intellectual credibility is at stake.
  • You win, Jimmy! I think he's by the front of the school.
  • He was just here, but he's now on the most important quest.
  • Never! For the guild!
  • Ow! Okay he's on his way to the observatory.
  • Awake! Awake! We're under attack.
  • Leave now Jimmy and spare yourself!
  • It's our brains against your brawn and we'll win!
  • You can't beat all of us!
  • Jocks! Jocks at the gate!

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