Courtney Vincent

Name: Courtney Vincent Age: 15

Clique: Greaser

Courtney Vincent is a fanfic character created by me Stephanie Baker

Personality: Courtney is a tough cookie she can handle herself in a fight and is rather beautiful she attracts attention from every clique. Courtney can also be quite hot headed at times when she is jealous of someone or something she is nothing like Johnny she seems to Rebel against his wishes and falls for the bad boys such as Derby Harrington and Gary Smith.

Story before Bull Worth

Courtney and Johnny grew up in a broken home their mother and father argued a lot this lead to Mr Vincent abusing Mrs Vincent and his son Johnny, Courtney was thank full she was never a victim of his attacks right from a young age Johnny protected her from their father.


Story after getting to Bull Worth

Courtney arrives at Bull Worth Academy and seems to attract a lot of attention from the guys there which annoys her brother. She also falls in love with a Psycho Gary Smith and shares a kiss with him and then Courtney feels drawn to her brothers arch enemy Derby Harrington but what happens when things get complicated.

Lefty and Lucky seem to display there affections for Courtney which she seems to find sweet and doesn't know that they are madly in love with her.

Courtney fights with her brother quite a bit at the Academy she rebels against his orders which makes him mad and lash out never wanting to hurt Courtney he tries to apologize but she seems to have vanished will she return to Bull Worth again or is she gone for good.



Calling for help

  • Fine you win I need your help
  • Guys back me up

Bumped into Friendly terms:

  • Wow didn't see you there, my mistake
  • You sure your cool my man

Unfriendly terms:

  • You do that again and your as good as dead.
  • Ha you wont be doing that again.

Saying Goodbye

  • Peace my brothers
  • Laters
  • I'm going to crash


  • I wish Garry could see all the pretty lights
  • Why do I never win on those things, do I look cursed to you?

Wandering around/Chatter

  • Chill out dude.
  • I was in English class the other day and I could have sworn I felt Smith touch me.
  • What Johnny doesn't know wont hurt him Harrington now lets finish what we started.
  • Pete I cant find Jimmy anywhere.
  • I hate this god damn school


  • Johnny thinks I can't protect myself well he's so totally wrong because today I kicked that Spencer kid where the sun defiantly does not shine.
  • I can't believe I got a B I should have got an A for that work.
  • Skipping school again wont your grades suffer.
  • That's not fair I hate you.

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