Craig Harper is a new student at Bullworth Academy.


Craig Harper was sent to Bullworth Academy for misconduct (violating the Dress Code) at his former School. He eventually ran into his soon-to-be mentor and best friend, Jimmy Hopkins, as well as Pete Kowalski. He also meets the class "whore", Adam Fischer. Jimmy shows Craig around and watched his journey through Bullworth with interest. Unfortunately, Adam eventually revealed his true colors and revealed that he was actually associated with Gary Smith. Now Craig, with the help of Jimmy, Petey and the 5 Cliques, must take Adam and Gary down before it is too late.



Jimmy Hopkins (mentor)

Petey Kowalski

Adam Fischer (formerly)

Russel Northrop

Ms Phillips

Mr Galloway

the Jocks

the Nerds

the Greasers

the Preppies

the Goths


Adam Fischer (arch rival)

the 5 school cliques (at first)

Gary Smith

Mr Hattrick

Mrs Peabody

Dr Crabblesnitch

Ms Danvers

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