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Not to be confused with Craig Harper or Craig Smith, two OCs with the same first name.

"I'm gonna kick that Cristo guy's ass if he messes up"
— Craig
Craig Mendoza
Craig Mendoza
Birthday March 20, 1988
Aliases - Craigory
- Ross
Eye Color Cedar Brown
Hair Color Phoenix Brown
Height 6'3
Grade Senior
Clique Greasers
Status About to graduate
Relationship Status In a relationship
Gender Male
Family Kaitlynn Mendoza - Distant Cousin
Hometown Elkheart lake, Wisconsin
Nationality Spanish
Rival Cristo Reyes
Edmund Ackerman
Affiliations Patricia Pagano - Girlfriend
Darell Lewis
Main Hangouts New Coventry
Creator Westside JDM

Craig Ross Mendoza is a third-generation Original Character created by Westside JDM.


He is slightly taller than Peanut Romano, and he has a mean look on his face, like he's ready to kick ass at any moment of the day, he stands at a height of 6'3. He also has Cedar brown eyes, and Phoenix brown hair.

He wears the standard non-clique uniform, with a leather jacket, and black trousers, and steel toe boots

In the winter, he zips up his jacket, and wears jeans, he also puts on a black beanie.


Just like his facial expression gives off, he's extremely short tempered, and he's the type of guy who will hit anybody who dares bully his cousin. He doesn't trust her boyfriend, because he seems like a sketchy person, when in reality, Cristo does nothing wrong.

He´s been to jail twice in his childhood, once for theft and burglary, and again for domestic assault. In jail, he was made tougher, and much stronger and much tougher.

When he's with Patricia, he enters romance mode. He is in a deep relationship with her, and is extra flirtatious with her. They are noted to be possibly one of the best couples in the academy, because it's not a tall guy and short girl relationship, it's a tall guy and tall girl relationship.

He's not very smart, but he wasn't born yesterday. He does know basic life skills, and is a skilled vocational worker.

Around his enemies, he enters dogfight mode. He always has his guard up around Cristo, due to him being a total player. He knows that Cristo is cheating on Kaitlynn and plans to call him out on it. They've clashed before, and it's an equal fight.

Also, when Norton, Peanut, and Johnny are gone; Craig calls the shots.

Interests, Hobbies, and Talents

He has a small collection of RC Planes. He has mostly world war two fighter planes and bombers. He has a specially modified B-29 "Super Fortress" that drops fire crackers. He flies the plane to the Harrington house, with a lit fire cracker inside the fuselage, that is pointing downwards, and he drops the fire crackers on unsuspecting preps, and then flies away, He first modded the controller, and fitted a camera underneath the fuselage, and has extended fuses for the fire crackers. At the push of a red button on the controller, a servo motor will open up the custom bomb-bay doors, and a double tap on the button drops the fire cracker, and then he flies away. He knows when to drop the fire cracker, due to the camera being a go-pro that is hooked up to a laptop computer.

He also likes to go plane spotting at Bullworth's airport. There has been plenty of big planes landing there, being Gulfstreams and a Civilian operated DeHavilland Q400-2. He's even seen a couple of military planes land and take off.

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