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This character sheet was created by Silkvale

Biographical Information

Full name: Craig Ross Mendoza


Craig: "Strong as a rock"

Ross: "Leader of headland"

Mendoza: "Cold Mountain"


Craigory: Used exclusively by his girlfriend, Patricia Pagano

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Birthdate: March 20th, 1988

Family and Culture

Matthew Mendoza (Father): Matthew is where Craig's anger issues come from, but he also gets his romantic skills from him. He likes Craig's girlfriend, and thinks he did well, asking a tall girl out. He however had plans for him to be on the football team, but that never happened, for he exchanged his opportunity for a cheerleader girlfriend for a much prettier girlfriend

Kathrine Durand (Mother): Katherine is a strict mother, but ever since Craig found his friends, she has given up on trying to get him to have perfect grades.

Kaitlynn Mendoza (Distant Cousin): Kaitlynn is a rather quiet girl, who will defend her cousin if he's in trouble with the preps.

Physical Description

Hair color - Phoenix Brown

Eye Color - Cedar Brown

Weight - 219 lbs

Height - 6'3

Figure/Build - Aggressive and dominant stance, Muscular, Thin

Distinguishing Features/Scars/Birthmarks - Appendectomy scar.

Tattoos - A tattoo of an AC-130 "Spooky" on his left arm, a tattoo of a P-38 "Lightning" on his right arm, and a tattoo of an F-22 "Raptor" dogfighting a Sukhoi Su-37 "Terminator" on his chest.

Piercings - Stud earring on his left ear

Personal Information

Current Living Arrangements - Boys dorm, room 25.

Originated From - Elkheart Lake, Wisconsin

Traveled territories - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Hobbies - Video games, flying RC planes

Fears - Losing his girlfriend,

Religions/Beliefs - Greek Pagan

Why? His girlfriend successfully converted him to the same religion as her.

Health Information

Physical Ailments/Disabilities/Issues - Severe Anger issues, Lack of patience, some ADD

Addictions - Nicotine, Marijuana, Alcohol.

Any medication taken? - Nicotine Patches

Personal Attributes


  • Pros: Confident, Strong Willed, Open to trying new things, Good with his hands, A badass
  • Cons: Easy to anger, Quick to fight, Impatient, Cocky, Arrogant


  • Always there to defend people.
  • Violently loyal
  • Knows what he's doing in life, and what he wants to do later in life


  • Quick to anger
  • Over protective of his friends
  • Quick to fight

Good Habits

  • Pays attention to detail
  • Keeps calm in the worst situations
  • Always keeps promises

Bad Habits

  • Can get extremely cocky and arrogant
  • Doesn't always tell the truth
  • Loud

Ratings on qualities

Physical Strength: (10/10)

  • He comes from a long line of Marines, S.W.A.T. officers, and a couple of NAVY Seals. He also works out daily, and lifts to keep in shape. With his height, fighting style and his brutish strength, he can definitely do some damage to his adversaries. He's also taken Bif Taylor out before, not sparring, but in a straight up fight.

Attractiveness: (8/10)

  • He also comes from two fairly attractive parents. He gets his aggressive stance and muscles from his dad's side of the family. He has the reputation as one of the best looking guys in Bullworth Academy.

Honesty: (6/10)

  • He does a bit of lying, just to get out of doing things for his parents, or to get out of trouble, If him and his girlfriend are getting in trouble, he's likely to bail his girlfriend out. But if he's getting in big trouble, he's likely to come clean.

Rule Abiding: (2/10)

  • He fights a lot, and he's gotten in trouble with the police many times, because he's fought people that are underage, but because most of the fights weren't fights that he instigated, he's gotten away with it.

Intelligence: (5/10)

  • He's not stupid, but he can be pretty dumb from time to time. However, he is a skilled vocational worker, and is good at working with his hands.

Sociability: (8/10)

  • Craig is in one of the more sociable cliques in the school.

 Opinions on people around Bullworth


  • Johnny Vincent - "His temper is worse than mine."
  • Peanut Romano - "He probably thinks he's short just because my girl is just as tall as him."
  • Norton Williams - "He's a chill guy."
  • Lola Lombardi - "She needs to knock it off with her promiscuity."
  • Lucky De Luca - "He's killed so many conversations."
  • Lefty Mancini - "That kid doesn't get girls, I'll assure you that."
  • Hal Esposito - "Needs to knock it off with the cheeseburgers."
  • Ricky Pucino - "Mallorie's a lucky girl, I'll admit that."
  • Vance Medici - "I don't get why he's so obsessed with his damn hair so much."
  • Mallorie Von Webber - "She's definitely easier to get to know than her younger sister."
  • Viktoria Ivchenko - "The fights she has with Jackie Schivo are insane."
  • Brooke Ediger - "She has some sort of mental illness."
  • Patricia Pagano - "She's my girl, and I will do anything to protect her from anyone, if she can't protect herself."
  • Anton Moroz - "Viktoria's a lucky lady, I gotta say that."
  • Darell Lewis - "His hamburgers are amazing."
  • Devon West - "She's pretty tough, wouldn't mess with her if I were a girl."


Non-Clique Students





  • Manny Sollid - "I fucked his shit up once, and I'll do it again.
  • Matt Miller - "Little pussy loves to use brass knuckles."
  • Josh Michaels - "The only stoner in that clique I like."
  • Amelia Fournier - "Who?"
  • Samuel McDaniel - "Fuck that kid."
  • Nick Maunu - "Fuckboy."
  • Emma Murphy - "Bitch."





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