Name: Damien Vincent

Age: 25 Clique: Former Bully

Siblings: Courtney, Adrian and Johnny Half siblings: Gary and Derby


Damien can be quite sneaky and loves to cause trouble for his family the only two siblings he seems to like are Adrian and Courtney. Damien seems to show a fatherly side towards Courtney and will do anything to keep her safe.

Although he can be unstable at times and can be dangerous when he wants to be.


Damien was placed in Happy Vaults for Self Harming himself it is unclear why he chooses to cut himself until it is revealed to Courtney that the reason he does what he does is because he feels guilty for the students he bullied back at Bull worth Academy so he has a cut for the number of lives he destroyed.

Damien also has suffered abuse as a teen from Mr Vincent which was Physical and Verbal.


  • "You sicken me"
  • "Courtney listen to me you need to get out of hear now"
  • "Look who it is its the fun police"
  • "Don't you dare touch me"
  • "So what's new?"
  • "This will teach you to laugh at me"

Damien Vincent is a character from my Forgotten Vincent story

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