"Don't call me a bitch you bitch."

Danielle is Michael's younger sister and a key character in the Michael Diaz saga.


A brash, and often times immature young lady. She is Michael's younger sister, she's very headstrong and aggressive. Never backing down from a fight, she also tends to retort with sick jokes whenever someone says something. She is very pretty and can use this to her advantage into getting boys to do something for her. She can be very naive as well, Michael had a hell of a time keeping her away from drugs, and Trent cheated on her without her even knowing. Despite that she is an in the closet pot smoker, never even told her brother or mother about it.

She loves a good fight and it can often be noted that she will fight anyone. Her first day at Bullworth she broke Mandy's nose and often has a hard time finding a boyfriend because of her attitude but she can use her looks for short term gain. She is also is a crazy story teller. Her first words in a sentance usually consist of "I remember the time....".

She is very sensitive and despite her tough exterior she is a softy at heart, she is laid back, caring, and would take a bullet for someone she considers a friend. Her stubborn loyalty leads to her usually being led on by friends but when you mess up she will hold that grudge to the moon and back. She is a lover of heavy metal and a often noted to look gothic. She's fascinated by death and destruction, she once burned her hand because she found fire to be "enlightening". She can turn negative whenever things go south, which contradicts Michael's positive attitude.


She shares some traits with her brother. She's tall, standing at 5'9" and 137 pounds. She has a very athletic

Danielle Diaz School Uniform

physic and is a well disciplined distance runner in track and field. She has dyed her hair black for a more gothic style and has also dyed her school uniform black. She wears her hair in a pony tail and has very long legs.


She grew up with Michael and her alcoholic mother. Most of the time they lived on the streets, to which she adopted a negative outlook on life, hoping for "the Grim Reapers love," she started smoking pot to keep her away from these dark emotions. The streets were not kind to her as opposed to her older brother that made the best out of every opportunity.

When their stepfather started to care because his job demanded it they moved to Bullworth and started to pick up their lives from then on. While Michael has a strong hatred for his stepfather because he is abusive and a liar she stubbornly thinks that he can carry their dysfunctional family.

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