"Jared, you're my best friend, man. That's why I think it's best if we get you running with a clique. The bullies will only mess with new meat that doesn't have any friends to turn to." -Danny Jones


Daniel "Danny" Jones grew up in Aberdeen, Washington with his mother and father. His best friends were Jared Tyler and Nicole Andrews. When he was 13 years old, he and Nicole were sent to Bullworth Academy by their parents, they were worried that living in Aberdeen was going to have a negative effect on how Danny would grow up. So they sent him to Bullworth, thinking that it wouldn't be nearly as bad as life back in Aberdeen.


Danny's height is 5'8 and he weighs 120 pounds. Danny has shagged dirty blonde hair, white skin with a small tan, and baby blue eyes. When wandering around Bullworth on the weekends he wear a black zip up jacket, a blue t-shirt, blue cargo pants, blue and white sneakers, and a blue and black beanie. His school uniform consists of a blue vest worn over a white button up shirt, brown slacks, and blue and white sneakers. For Halloween he goes as Danny Zuko from Grease. In the winter, he wears a blue snow jacket, blue jeans, blue and black combat boots, brown gloves, and a blue and black beanie.


Jared Tyler (Best Friend): Danny and Jared have been best friends for most of their lives. Their friendship had broken due to Danny's parents sending him to Bullworth Academy. Once Jared starts attending Bullworth Academy, Danny is excited to reunite with the best friend he hasn't seen since he was 13. Once the two are reunited they start planning to form a clique of their own, thinking that Jared can avoid being harassed for being the new kid if he is shown with a group of his own to lead. This idea forms the Skater Clique which will be run by Jared, with Danny acting as a second in command.

Nicole Andrews (Girlfriend): Danny and Nicole grew up together for most of their lives. Together, Danny, Jared, and Nicole were a close trio of friends. When he was 13, he and Nicole had both been sent to Bullworth by their parents. It took him a while to realize it, but eventually he realized that he liked Nicole as more than a friend. However, when he came to that realization, she was already romantically involved with another student on campus. He patiently waited, and eventually they had gotten together in their Junior Year of High School.

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