"I hate this school. It's such a bore." -David Powell. David is the second-in-command of Devin's Crew.


David Powell is an intelligent member of Devin's Crew. Even then he is an affirmed loudmouth, his loud, wiry voice is enough to get on anybody's nerves. He is a smart ass, for lack of direction. He savors at the opportune time to annoy and enact chaos. Though he acts childlike and immature he does take his ranked status among Devin's second in command, to serious intent and can order the rest of the clique to perform their tasks.


Standing at a lean 6'1", and weighing 176 pounds David Powell is of Jamaican descent and takes great pride in his culture, wearing a plethora of culturally significant tattoos, most of which strung across his lean arms. He prefers cargo shorts to go with his torn school uniform. His head is primarily shaved though there are mild references of his black hair. He has dark skin that takes on a tinge of a lighter fixation. He also has some stubble across his face.


David is a proud Jamaican despite never actually traveling to the country. He lived in Liberty City until facing a hefty expulsion from his school and being sent to Bullworth. Once at the academy he befriended dangerous brawler Devin Whaley, and he garnered a leveled respect for the dangerous brawler, who would then lead the clique, appointing David as his second-in-command.

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