Walking around

  • I'll show 'em compassion! All the way to the toilet bowl! Hahaha!
  • All I need now is a bottle rocket and the plans will be all set!
  • When i hit that kid with a pear, that was comedy! Haha!
  • What was i gonna go and do?
  • So she doesn't want to get in the shower with me? Fine!
  • ...and then i have to give him a wedgie...

While conversing

  • I'm the number one freshman tormentor in the history of the academy!
  • Fall is here, which means I can make a freshman eat a handful of rotten leaves!
  • I'm the freshman's worst nightmare, they think I'm the boogeyman or something!
  • If I see one more freshman walk by without saluting, I'm gonna flip my frigging lid.
  • It's my cousin's fault I turned out like this. If he hadn't made me eat all those junebugs, I might be... normal!
  • You know something's wrong when a freshman fights back. we didn't did that in the old days

When chasing someone

  • Worst wedgie ever coming your way!
  • I got whole new bag of checks for you!

Taken down and spit on

  • Oh my god! I'm gonna puke!

When the fire alarm goes off

  • Fire! Fire! No more school! Woooooo!

Starting fight with

  • (Greasers) Don't dare get your grease on me.
  • (Jocks) Stick to sports coach. You got no chance.
  • (Nerds) Maybe you should stick to hitting the books.
  • (Preps) Haha. You sure you want blood on those clothes?

Friendly Fire

  • What's the deal?! Im on your side you know
  • Watch it man or I'll leave
  • Hey! you don't hit me!

While fighting

  • If that's all you've got then this is gonna be a breeze!
  • Oh so you're gonna start fighting punk?!
  • You can't mess with Russell's crew!
  • We hit hard out here chump!


  • Eat it!
  • Check this out sucker
  • You lose this!
  • Hey! Is this yours?!
  • Check it out Fool

While shoving

  • Don't fight back, you'll just make it worse!
  • Come on man, you're tough right?
  • Your a joke.Yeah you!
  • You wanna get seriously hurt?!

Winning a fight

  • Freakin... yeah!

Kicked in groin

  • Freakin'....hell!

Hit by thrown dead rat

  • Who the hell did this?!

Knocked out

  • Okay...okay...stop...
  • I'll get revenge!...I swear it...
  • Aaaaargh, DAMN YOU...!
  • I'm finished...I hate you...
  • Egh...didn't think...I'd lose.
  • Cough*'s over...

Starting a Fight

  • Come on punk let's rock
  • Ok you pushed too far lets go
  • You really wanna pee in blood tonight.You got it!
  • I'll teach you what it means to get hurt

Aiding in Fight

  • Hey! get your hands off him!
  • Your in a world of pain Jerk!

All Quotes

During missions and others

  • Who cares? Let's go tell Russell. We'll get a little party together.
  • Prefect!
  • ... and then I shot him right in the face.
  • Oh oh. It's him!
  • Hahaha... whatcha gonna do?
  • You're a wimp, new kid.
  • How'd you like a little slingshot, tough guy?
  • Doesn't seem like such a good idea now, does it?
  • Funny, you don't look so tough now.
  • Hey guys, let's teach this new kid a lesson.
  • Get the new kid! Beat him down!
  • This kid won't let up. Hurt him!
  • Thought you had me this time, didn't ya?
  • You can't reach me up here moron.
  • Hey, stay away from me...
  • What are you crazy or something?
  • Whoah!
  • That wasn't funny.
  • I'm out of here.
  • But Mr. Burton, something HIT me.
  • But you don't understand, I just got hit.
  • Hey Algernon... I heard you wet your bed again.
  • Just you wait, you'll be sorry.
  • Help me guys.
  • Oh there you are.
  • Come on Bucky... fight back.
  • Oh, what are you a wimp Bucky?
  • Whatcha gonna do about it, huh tough guy?
  • Oh yeah? Let's get him!
  • Aahh! I think I'm blind!
  • I can't believe I'm waiting in line for the slop Edna's serves.
  • Leave me alone.
  • This is the funniest piece of paper I ever had.
  • I didn't know you played nerd-games Jimmy.
  • Eat marbles, nerd-lover.
  • How do you like them marbles?
  • Haha! Walk much?
  • Have a nice trip, see you next fall! Ahahahaha!
  • You can't catch me from over there nerd.
  • You run like my crippled grandma. 
  • Come on at least TRY to catch me!
  • Some hero you are. Come on, I'm right here.
  • What? You forgot your plus-speedy-boots or whatever?
  • See ya'.
  • Almost caught me.
  • You really do care, don't you?
  • Dude, you're slow.
  • I'm done running. Now I'll beat you.
  • Hey. What's with the unfair fighting?
  • Hey. That's cheating.
  • Stop that.

Suggesting to provide protection

  • Okay, man. I'll watch your back for a while.
  • You need backup? You got it.
  • Alright what's in it for me?

ALLY About to Leave

  • I'm out of here, pal.
  • I'm finished with this BS.

ALLY Help Me

  • Hopkins! I need a hand!
  • Jim! Get over here!

Knocked off bike

  • Ah son of a freaking bitch.
  • Stupid. Stupid. Stupid bike.

Comment on successful bike trick

  • Hey, that was pretty good! ... for a cripple. *laughs*
  • Hey Crew Jones. You do that for a living? For your sake I hope not.

Comment on failed attempt at trick

  • Maybe next time you won't try so hard to show off.
  • Ha! Figures a dunce like you would screw that up.

Stealing a bike

  • Hey punk! Get off my new bike!
  • Yo, you with the bike! Don't move a muscle!

Has bike stolen from

  • When my boys hear about this, you're not even gonna be able to ride that stupid bike!
  • You just signed your death warrant, you little SNOTBALL!

Winning a fight #1

  • Wooo! Hahaha! This is a dream!
  • Golden, haha! I swear I could do this all day!

When into him bump friend

  • Sorry. Excuse me.
  • Oh, I was in the way. My mistake.
  • Hey there, buddy.

When into him bump others students and enemies

  • Did I give you permission to touch me?
  • Don't touch me, worm.
  • You got a problem? Oh yeah? You're an idiot.
  • What the? Who the hell are you?!
  • Hey puke! Stay outta my sight!
  • Damn you're ugly. Don't ever touch me again.
  • I got an idea. Get the HELL away from me.

When into him bump Dropout (or Jim in their clothes)

  • Hey dumbass! Comprehend this: YOU SUCK!

When into him bump Nerd

  • You need to hit the books, kid, before I hit those zits off your face!

Getting hit with bike/car

  • Do you know who the hell I am?!
  • Nobody shames Davis. Nobody!
  • It's called control, and you need to get some, jerk!

Saying Goodbye

  • Hey, you know...uh, forget it. See ya later.
  • You should really...uh, never mind.
  • Hey, Jim...uh, forgot what I was gonna say.

Saying about rides

  • Well that was fun. If your idea fun, it's been bored on your mind.
  • So you think we'll update these rides? Sometime in the next century!

Calling friends for help

  • Hey! Someone gimme a hand! I got a problem here!
  • Hey boys! We got a smartass over here!

When someone hides from him

  • You think you're safe? You're never safe, Hopkins! Never!
  • Go ahead, hide! I'm gonna be around, you'll see. I'll get you! *laugh*

Out of breath

  • Oh god...I almost...dammit!

When walking around

  • And then I'll too give him a wedgie...
  • When I hit that kid with the pair...that was comedy! Haha!
  • All I need now is a bottle rocket and the plans will be all set!
  • So she doesn't want to get in the shower with me? Fine!
  • I'll show 'em compassion! All the way to the toilet bowl! Hahaha!


  • I don't care if it was an accident! I only ain't gonna forget!
  • You really think this nobody would get angry of this!?

When Confused

  • I don't get it.
  • Good job, kid!
  • Where you go, pal?
  • Well I was thinking.
  • Okay, sooo...
  • On the story goes.
  • Hmmm...okay!
  • There's a new dumbass trying to be tough with Russell. Would be so tough if Russell goes off on him.
  • Well, fall is here. And that means I can make a freshman eat a handful of rotten leaves! Hahaha!
  • I heard Lola is too timing on her man Johnny Vincent. What girl wanna go on date with dirtbag like that?
  • That whino Galloway hasn't be around for a while. He's nothing but an old drunk.
  • I can't believe it. I hate this school. But it's all trash like some frickin' animals where set loose in.
  • Well, Hopkins thinks he's smart. He ain't. He's just a little punk who pretends to run this school.

Watching a Fight

  • Aw, Yeah Take Him To Hell HA HA HA!!!!
  • Oh, BOO HOO!!!

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