"Always put yourself out there, and anything will be possible"
— Deanna

Deanna Valdez is a fifth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM. This character is based off of a good friend of Westside in real life. Adopted by Galactic-Maniac

Deanna Valdez
Deanna Valdez
Birthday August 10th, 1990
Aliases - Valdez
Eye Color Sienna Brown
Hair Color Brilliant black
Height 5´6
Grade Junior
Clique None
Status Cheerleader
Gender Female
Affiliations Cheer Squad
Creator Westside JDM


Deanna stands at an above average 5´6. She wears a non-clique uniform, with white knee socks and black Mary-Jane sandals. In the winter, she puts on white tights, with white gloves, and a teal scarf.

For Halloween, she dresses in her old school´s cheer uniform.

Her hair is brilliant black, with a faint shade of brown, with sienna brown eyes.


Deanna is a very inspiring person, who is a great problem solver. She´s also good at making plans for things, with not only her friends, but for big school events such as homecoming, or the next cheer leading squad dance routine.

She speaks in a very charismatic and calm tone of voice, with intent to inspire people. When all hell breaks loose, she still keeps calm.

In the event of one of her friends breaking up with their boyfriend, she´s there to cheer them up, and help her friends get over their grief.

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