"I can't believe mom sent me here, out of all places in the world!"
— Deborah

Deborah Sawyer is a sixth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM.

Deborah Sawyer
Debora Sawyer
Birthday February 20th, 1990
Aliases - Debbie
- Sawyer
- D
Eye Color Achat Gray
Hair Color Rusette Brown
Height 5'7
Grade Sophomore
Clique Jocks
Status Cheerleader
Gender Female
Family Robin Sawyer - Older Sister
Affiliations Cheer Squad
Main Hangouts Football Field
Creator Westside JDM


Deborah stands at a tall 5'7, and has Rusette brown hair, with Achat gray eyes.

She wears a cheerleading uniform during fair weather, and summer. However, in the winter, she puts on the non-clique uniform; with white tights, gloves, and a teal and white scarf.

Her pajamas consist of a purple night gown.

Lastly, for Halloween, she dresses as Marilyn Monroe.


Despite being highly unintelligent, Deborah is highly observant of her surroundings and of situations, almost like a hawk, and is also highly practical, and in some ways, sensible.

She also is highly charming, yet highly cunning in her own way. In a way, she is highly defiant towards authority, sometimes even saying or doing bold things in the sight of an authority figure.

Deborah tends to be compulsive, and also acts on her impulses constantly. When she feels compulsed, usually an impulse will follow quickly after her compulsion.

She is extremely self-centered, to the point where she could be considered a narcissist, and she is also extremely spoiled and impolite.

Lastly, Deborah is extremely promiscuous.

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