Derek R. Miller
Image: Derek Miller.png
Birthday July 11, 1993
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Height 5'11
Weight 200 lbs.
Clique N/A
Gender Male
Rival Michael White
Affiliations Jocks, Gary Smith (Formerly)
Creator ShadowRoxas134

"There is no finer sport than football"

- Derek Miller

Derek Miller

Derek is a primary antagonist in the Of Goths and Gangwars series.

Background Information

Derek is a jock who lived in Edison, New Jersey same as Mike. Derek attended the same high school as Mike whose home team was the Devils. Derek was a member of a gang who made hell for Mike and his friends during his only year at their old school. After losing in the hands of Mike, Derek convinced his parents to send him to Bullworth Academy.

Appearence and Personality

Derek is taller than Mike by a roughly a few inches. Weighing in at 140 pounds and being 5 foot 8. Derek is a shady individual. Derek is also very mysterious.


Michael "Mike" "Fang" White (Rival): Derek and Mike are rivals in the series. Derek and Mike meet again when Mike saves Derek from Russell's crew. From then on, Derek pretends to be friends with Mike until Halloween when Derek turns on Mike for a prank he and Gary came up with.

Gary Smith (Ex-Best Friend and Rival): Derek and Gary become friends over a mutual hate for Mike White. Derek helps Gary in the downfall of Mike and Jimmy. Gary turns his back on Derek, calling him a worthless pawn. After the betrayal, Derek wants to do everything in his power to get even with Gary.

Jade Simon(Ex-Girlfriend): Derek and Jade start dating on Halloween after Mike's plummet in popularity. Derek pretty much reveals his plans in front of Jade and she still defends Derek when Mike calls him out. Derek leaves Jade and tells her that she was just a pawn in getting Mike to fight back.

Jocks (Allies): Derek has a good standing with the jocks from joining the Basketball team. In his second year at Bullworth, he joins the football team and now fills Damon's role as linebacker.

Travis Matthews (Best Friend and Teammate): Derek and Travis first met during tryouts for Basketball and share a love for the sport. The next year, they both play football and are linebackers.

Goths (Enemies): After Derek betrayed Mike, the goths decided to help Mike take down Derek.


Wandering Around:

  • Who really is the hottest girl in school? Damn, I don't know.
  • Mike White is a pathetic little worm. I'm so glad I get to be here to torture him
  • How can Gary say we aren't friends? I helped him try to take over the school. Man, he's going to get his.
  • Those goth kids are just ridiculous. Who would want to spend their time running around in eyeliner?

Conversing with others:

  • Do you think Ted would care if I went on a couple of dates with Mandy?
  • Travis and I are going to probably crash another party at Harrington House tonight.
  • I heard that Mike was romantically involved with one of his goth buddies.
  • Do you think Jimmy is doing that great of a job at being King of the School?

Replying to Conversation:

  • Of course I do.
  • Are you for real?
  • No.
  • Yeah.


(On Good Terms)

  • Hey, What's up?
  • *character name*, My good man.
  • What's the word, buddy?
  • Yo yo, what's going on?

(On Bad Terms)

  • Can you not talk to me?
  • You seriously think you can talk to a jock?
  • Get lost, nerd.
  • See, here's the thing, you're not cool.


  • Woah, this clown thinks he can talk to a jock?
  • Look at this wimp, he thinks we're friends.
  • If I pay you five bucks, will you get out my sight?
  • Hey, no offense bud, but you suck.


  • See you next fall!
  • Get out of here.
  • Bye!
  • Later dweeb.
  • Move it!
  • Beat it!


  • Man, this is fun.
  • If only you could see the look on your face.
  • Ha ha, what a loser.
  • Aww, did I hurt your feelings? Too bad!
  • Oh man, you are such a wimp.

Watching a fight:

  • Give 'em a cheap shot.
  • Fight! Fight! Fight!
  • Come on, no one's even bleeding yet.
  • I've got ten dollars for the winner.
  • Ooh! That was a good one.
  • Come on!

Starting a fight with a clique leader:

  • Starting a fight with Earnest Jones: The handsome Jock takes on a pathetic nerd, classic!
  • Starting a fight with Johnny Vincent: You really think a throwback like you can beat me up?
  • Starting a fight with Derby Harrington: Now we get to see how tough you really are.
  • Starting a fight with Russell Northrop: Like they say, the bigger they hard, the harder they fall.
  • Starting a fight with Edgar Munsen: You're calling me a bitch?

Starting a fight with a clique:

  • Starting a fight with Nerds: I don't even have to waste my breath.
  • Starting a fight with Greasers: Just as long as you don't get oil on my Letterman.
  • Starting a fight with Preps: You guys are just a bunch of rich snobs, how intimidating is that?
  • Starting a fight with Bullies: I bet you guys are lame without Russell to back you up.
  • Starting a fight with Townies: You think you're better than me, just 'cause you don't go to school?


  • I'm going to rip your head off.
  • Oh, you're so dead, kid.
  • Quit wasting my time and show me a good move.
  • Come on wimp, let's do this.

Winning a fight:

  • In your face, nerd.
  • What's up now, punk?
  • Oh, Hell Yeah!
  • That's why I'm on the football team.
  • Who's the bitch now?

Losing a fight (Knocked Out):

  • Aw, what?
  • How'd that happen?
  • Crap!
  • *cough* I'm gonna get you for this.
  • Just don't tell Burton about this.

Chasing Someone:

  • I'm in Varsity Football, you think running is really a challenge?
  • The more you run, the harder I'm going to beat you down.

Out of Breath:

  • I need to build up more endurance.
  • *pant* slow *pant* down

Kneed in the groin:

  • Ow! What the hell?!
  • Oh! Holy crap that hurts...
  • How am I supposed to carry on my family name when you do something like this?
  • I'm not wearing a cup, asshole!
  • *cough* Oh! Low Blow!

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