Devin's Crew are a group of friends led by the vicious, and enigmatic Devin Whaley. They are fierce bullies and are always looking to engage in a fight. They have a strong rivalry with Michael Diaz.

Clique Hierarchy

They give nothing for hierarchy. In a way you could consider them Anarchists as they only view chaos as their modus operandi. Devin himself believes that the qualities of rankings are bullshit and wishes to turn the school into a disorganized shamble where no clique can reign over the other. Their main rivalry stands with Michael Diaz and his friends, but also the Greasers, Jocks, Nerds, Preps, and anyone they can bully, so pretty much everyone is their enemy. They are universally disliked by almost everyone, and they don't care. They do have a volatile bid of neutrality with the Bullies, as they share similar outlooks. Devin respects Russell views the rest of his clique as weak.

Clique Information

As can be expected they don't really unite under a set brand of colors, or a style. They wear the Bullworth uniform though they've come to desecrate it and as such their uniforms and clothes are torn. They wish to scorn the academy and so their clothes are beaten up and torn to show their disdain for the school and those that lie within it.

Clique Members

Devin Whaley (Leader): The vicious and pragmatic leader of the clique, Devin Whaley will knowingly make enemies with anyone. He is ruthless and always willing to fight anybody. He is very strong and mean. Even to those within his own clique.

David Powell (Second in Command): David is the one who is otherwise in charge when Devin is not around to disclose orders. Unlike Devin's loud efforts David is more cold and calculated, almost like a hunter stalking its prey. He is the brains of the clique. Capable in a fight, and very angry, he is the brains and the brawn.

Micah Pilgrim: Standing at 6'3" Micah is easily decreeable being that he is the tallest member in the clique. Long and lanky he prefers to use kicks in a fight and won't hesitate to fight dirty given the opportunity.

Stanley Rhodes: A quiet addition to the clique Stanley loves to use a blade and is willing to use it if the fight isn't going his way.

Samuel Larson: Samuel is a strong linebacker who could weigh north of 280 pounds. He uses his brutish strength to bully anybody. He hits very hard.

Bryan Diaz: Not related to the clique's longtime foe, Michael Diaz, Bryan is a loudmouth who would prefer to intimidate over fight. Even then he knows his way around the block when it comes to fighting.

Brandon Licon: Not really conventional in a fight, but big enough to look threatening Brandon is the newest member embraced by the clique.

Adam Asher: Adam is prolific for his vulgar language. He is seemingly rebellious and dislikes authority.

Jacob Mitchell: Jacob enjoys bullying more than the others, aside from Devin himself. He uses his intimidating physique and accredited bullying skill to push around others.

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