Devin Whaley is a new student at Bullworth and is already stirring up drama at the academy. He has drawn the wrath of Michael and begins to start a rivalry with him.

File:Devin Whaley.png


Devin is one of the most aggressive students on campus. He is very street smart as he grew up on the streets of Liberty City. He has a love for violence and is a very lethal fighter against anyone at the academy. Even though he is slightly overweight don't underestimate him, he is dangerous. He is also known for his dirty mouth and is very brash and rude. To go with this though he has very keen senses and thinks several steps ahead in many situations, which shows that he is more intellectually driven than the common Bully at the academy as he can strategize when necessary.

Unlike someone like Ryan who is sneaky and manipulative Devn handles his problems head on and with brute force. He is very physically strong and can overpower almost anyone at the academy. He loves to stir up drama and frustration. He also has a very dark sense of humor and enjoys tormenting the weaker students at the academy.


Devin stands at 5'10", 225 pounds. Despite being slightly overweight he is surprisingly strong and athletic. He refers to his fat as a "decoy for anyone who wants to fuck with me" he has short red hair and green eyes as he is of Irish decent. He has painted his Bullworth vest red and black in support of his new clique. He is of Irish descent and he takes great pride in his herritage.


Growing up in Liberty City he was orphaned as both his parents were shot in a mugging. Leaving himself to also raise himself. He had a tough 15 years on the streets of L.C. When he was 16 years-old his grandma found him and sent him to Bullworth to get "disciplined". He resents his grandparents for putting him through this. Now he has a rivalry with Michael and the Greasers.

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