"Ah, dodgeball! How I love the sound of boys crying in the morning!"
— Mr. Burton, Gym teacher

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Dodgeball is a Gym class unit and athletic game played at Bullworth Academy in Bully.

Bully dodgeball

Jimmy Hopkins charging a throw at the Preppies' team.

Game Summary

Apart from being a gym class unit, dodgeball is also available to play after the completion of gym classes. At Bullworth, two teams of four students each play against each other on the gym's basketball court. Three players of each team start inside the sidelines, while one team member of each team starts outside the sidelines, ready to catch or pick up any ball that goes out of bounds for their team.

Burton dodgeball

Mr. Burton introducing the first dodgeball class.

The goal of the game is to strike all three players in the sidelines of the opposite team with the dodgeball. If a player catches a ball thrown at them, they are safe, but if not, they are eliminated. There are three rounds, and each round ends after all three players of a team are eliminated. To win the game, one team must win two of three rounds.

Each round begins with a face-off in which two players of the team wrestle for the ball.

Mr. Burton is the referee for the games.



The Nerds' dodgeball uniform consists of yellow Bullhorns T-shirts, along with green gym shorts. The Bullhorns logos on the shirts are red. They can be heard referring to themselves as 'Team Nerd'.

The team members are:


The Preppies' dodgeball unfirom consists of powder blue T-shirts, and rich blue gym shorts.

The team members are:


The Greasers' dodgeball uniform consists of navy blue Bullhorns T-shirts, along with dark brown khaki shorts. The Bullhorns logos on the shirts are yellow.

The team members are:


The Jocks' dodgeball uniform consists of navy blue and white letterman jackets or gray T-shirts, and navy blue and white track pants.

The team members are:


The Townies' dodgeball uniform is simply lighter versions of their clothes, such as khakis and T-shirts that include the color orange.

The team members are:

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