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  • This is probably the worst year. Ever at Bullworth.
  • Wow! That's impressive!
  • No way!
  • You're making that up!
  • You're a liar!
  • I really hate my father. He criticizes me.
  • No one of girls here appreciate how great I am.
  • I'm really undervalued in this place.
  • The headmaster called me arrogant.
  • I know. Life is awful.
  • I know how you must feel.
  • Don't worry. We'll go to college, not prison.
  • You deserve better than misplace.
  • This school is terrible.
  • The people here are pathetic.
  • Half the people here can't even read.
  • Nobody here is at my level.
  • Be careful out there!
  • See ya later!
  • Bye now!
  • I'm going to be the president one day!
  • I may look small, but I'm really angry!
  • I'm a straight A student. Beat that!
  • I'm incredible! My mommy told me!
  • Wow! You're really fortunate!
  • You're luckier than you look!
  • Well done!
  • Have you ever won a spelling bee?
  • Have you been applying to Ivy League schools?
  • Have you know...done it?
  • Have you ever been see Europe?
  • Not yet, but I will.
  • No. Never.
  • Of course. Just like everybody else.
  • What do you take me for? Of course.

Losing Dodgeball

  • Yeah, I know. I'm a loser.
  • So I lost. So what?
  • Yeah, yeah, you rock. Whatever...
  • You won. So what?
  • It's not like we haven't lost before.
  • Oh no, we lost. Like I care.


  • Sick! Sick! Sick!

Hit by friendly fire

  • That's not cool, Jimmy!
  • Jimmy! Don't be a moron!
  • Please, Jimmy! Don't be a moron!


  • I'll show you I'm not a wimp!
  • I ain't scared to you!
  • You're about to get nerd pounds!
  • I'm an intellectual. With muscles!

Losing a fight

  • TEETH...aghh...
  • Mm-m-mooommyyyy...
  • GGGGet away from meee....ohh...
  • Uhh-I-I give up...moron....
  • Uhh, I didn't...deserve that...
  • I should've just run away.

Starting fight with some Cliques

  • (Dropout) I bet you can't read!
  • (Greaser) Don't push me, greaseball!
  • (Jock) Oversize moron!
  • (Prep) Stupid stuck up rich kid!

Starting fight

  • You're messing with the wrong guy!
  • You want some of me?
  • You're gonna get some of this!
  • You think you're a tough guy?

Kicked in the groin

  • I think I'm...broken...owww...

Spat on

  • Why Spit? Ugggh!

Watching a fight

  • Come on! Make him cry!
  • You're both pathetic!
  • Someone get a prefect!

When someone hit him

  • You bully, get off!
  • That's as sucked!

When the fire alarm goes off

  • Fire alarm! How ingenious!


  • Uhm...we're friends, right?
  • Look, it's just a misunderstanding.
  • No-no-no, I didn't say anything about you. Nothing!

Starting food fight

  • I guess I should participate.

Suggesting to buy his property

  • Hey Jimmy! Wanna check out my wears?
  • You looking to buy, Jimmy?

Talking about freaks

  • I feel sorry for those freaks.

Receiving a gift

  • Why, thank you!
  • You're great!

Demanding money for protection

  • What're you gonna do for me? Huh?
  • Um. Maybe. If you make it worth my while.

Giving a gift

  • Just take it, okay?

While greeting friends

  • Hi!
  • Greetings!
  • Salutations!
  • Well met!

While greeting authority

  • Hello, Miss!
  • Hello, Sir!


  • Maybe one day I'll grow a beard.
  • Am I handsome?

Requesting an errand

  • Cool, Jimmy! I'll tell you everything!
  • Okay, Jimmy. Here's a plan. But I'm sure you'll be able to get it.
  • Will you help me Jimmy? It's important.
  • Um Jimmy, could I ask your help?

Being indignant

  • Wait a minute!
  • I got a friend, so watch out!
  • You're going straight on a hate list!

While greeting of Jim with fearing

  • Please don't hurt me.


  • Hahahahahaha! Bully!
  • laugh* You make me laugh!


  • That guy should get the chair. He's evil.


  • just belching*

Hit by thrown dead rat

  • Help! I got rat bacteria on me!

While greeting someone in bad terms

  • Oaf.
  • Chump.
  • Bully.

While greeting someone in good terms

  • Salutations, fellow intellectual!
  • Bonjour, Mon Ami!
  • Greetings, Jimmy and well met!


  • Come ooonnn. Don't push me around. I'm pathetic.
  • Everybody knows you can beat me up. There's no need to bother.
  • Look. I know I'm a wimp. There's no need to prove it.

Aiding a fight

  • Leave him alone!
  • Don't hurt him you PIG!

Perceiving a thing as cool

  • Look at that!
  • Wow!

Perceiving a thing as crap

  • That's gonna lead to real trouble!
  • Lame!

While seen vandalism

  • Pig! Stop it!
  • You vandal! Stop it!


  • Those are illegal!
  • I hope you've got a license for that!

When finished the work

  • Don't tell, alright?
  • No one saw, right?

Hit with a stink bomb

  • Chemical warfare is illegal!
  • That really stinks.

Clothes browsing

  • That's so ugly.
  • It's too dorky, even for me.

When suck up

  • Did I tell you how I really admire your personality?
  • You're probably the coolest person at Bullworth!
  • Everyone says you're the toughest. Everyone!

Insulting the tag

  • Stop it you vandal!

Conversing with prefect

  • I've been wanting to tell you this because I just know you'll set it right.
  • Could you please do something about it? It's really annoying.

Insulting #1

  • Did you pee in your pants? You stink!
  • You look inbred!
  • I bet you have a low reading age!
  • Can you even read?
  • You such a bully!
  • You're nerdier than me!
  • No brain moron!

Angry after insulted

  • Maybe I should just hate you, huh?
  • Look. You're really ticking me off!
  • Do you want me to hit you, huh?
  • I'm not afraid of you, jerk!

Ignoring a fight

  • I was only kidding. You're great.
  • Hey, I'm sorry!
  • Sorry, okay?

Insulting #2

  • (shoving) You deserve it, bully.
  • (Taunting the new kid) Look at the new kid, what a fool.
  • (Insulting the hair) Who added that on your head?
  • (Insulting the tattoo) That tattoo look great when you're 15.
  • (Taunting Jimmy after he's expelled) Oh, look. It's Mr. Ant.


  • is just crying*


  • Very clever.
  • Whatever you say.
  • You know you're not smart.
  • Whatever. My friends will protect me.
  • Whatever you say, moron.
  • At least I know my dad.
  • At least I can read.
  • You can't even spell your own name.
  • Yeah, whatever, fat brain.
  • Your name is on my list, jerk.

Getting bullied

  • Shut up!
  • You can shut up!
  • Come on! Give me a break! I'm a nice person!

Saying this way

  • Response to go this way.
  • Over here, Jimmy. Over here.

When thanks of Jim

  • Many thanks, Jimmy.

After swirlie

  • I should have my stomach pumped...
  • That's revolting...
  • I think I might've swallowed something...

Getting swirlie

  • I'm allergic to toilet water...
  • Please let me go! PLEASE!

Winning Dodgeball

  • I think I might beat you!
  • I have a secret strat!
  • I'm gonna outsmart you!

Insulting in bicycle race

  • You might get surprised!
  • Don't think you won yet!
  • We're going to do our best!

When thanks of someone

  • Oh, many thanks!

Winning an individual fight

  • I bet you're surprised I won!
  • I beat you! Fair and square!
  • Hahahaha. I can't believe you lost.

Physically bullied

  • You'll be sorry one day!
  • Leave me alone, please!
  • That was so cruel!
  • You're so rotten!

When winning Dodgeball with his team

  • We kicked your little asses!
  • Brains over BRAWN!
  • You lost, suckers!

Physically bullying of someone

  • Who's the tough guy now!?
  • See! Isn't it fun!?

Saying wrong way

  • Why are you going to the wrong way?
  • That's a stupid way. Come back.


  • Life is so cruel to me.


  • Huh? I don't get it.

When TV turned off

  • Hey! That was educational!