"No expulsions this month! Am I growing soft?"
— Dr. Crabblesnitch

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Dr. Crabblesnitch is the principal of Bullworth Academy in Bully.

Dr. Crabblesnitch
Dr. Crabblesnitch
Clique Faculty
Status Headmaster
Gender Male
Voice Actor Ralph Gunderman

Character Summary

Dr. Crabblesnitch is possibly in his fifties, and has graying brown hair. He is stern-looking, and wears an old brown suit with a red tie, and a white collared shirt underneath. He also has a cleft chin. In the winter, he simply adds a fedora to his outfit.

Pompous and self righteous, Dr. Crabblesnitch is very condescending to students. He does not believe that bullying is a problem at Bullworth, and simply refers to it as 'school spirit'. He attended Bullworth when younger, and became a Prefect. Upon graduating, he became the History teacher, and later the Headmaster. Despite his negative traits, Dr. Crabblesnitch does seem to be a fair person; when confronted with undeniable evidence of wrongdoing from his faculty members, he does not hesitate in firing them. He believes that "fixing" problematic children is his calling in life.


Dr. Crabblesnitch in his office.

He enjoys keeping permanent records of students on hand and reciting from them when students are sent to his office as a form of punishment.
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Jimmy and Dr. Crabblesnitch

Implied by cut scenes and student dialogue, Dr. Crabblesnitch and Ms. Danvers may be in a secret relationship. According to the townsfolk, he keeps Mr. Burton at the school because Mr. Burton has something on him. In the NTSC manual of the PS2 version of Bully, his first name is listed as Ralph.

According to Mrs. Lisburn, Dr. Crabblesnitch used to be babysat by her when he was a toddler, and used to wet the bed often.

He was originally intended to be an antagonist in Bully, however this was changed before the release of the final version of the game.


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