When reported to Principal office

Cutscene Dialogue

  • Hopkins, you're quite the nastiest little boy I've ever encountered!
  • You excel at causing trouble, and I excel at fixing little boys like you, at making you into respectable members of our community here at the Academy.
  • I have a good feeling about you, boy; a feeling you and I are going to be great friends!
  • You keep that nose clean, boy, or I shall clean it myself!
  • Oh, and boy! Remember, you will have a clean nose, so keep it clean, or we'll clean it for you!
  • Even that fat kid who wets himself is more popular than you.
  • Coincidentally, it has also come to my attention that you are a filthy, dirty, foul-mouthed awful little vandal.

Wandering around campus

  • How nice of young Harrington's father to invite me for tea.
  • No expulsions this month! Am I growing soft?

When a student attacks him

  • You violent child!
  • Do not make it any worse for yourself!
  • This has to stop immediately!

When a student/Jimmy vandalise

  • I saw that!
  • Are you out of your mind, child!?!

When chasing a student/Jimmy

  • STOP, right now!
  • You better stop right there!

When a weapon is fired near him

  • Where did you get that?

When hidden from

  • Your mother will hear about this!

Kneed in the groin

  • OH!...HOW COULD YOU?! *Groan*

Out of breath

  • I'm getting too old for this.

When knocked out

  • I just need a quick rest...
  • I'll fix you yet...
  • It hurts ME more than it hurts you!
  • Children today...
  • It is a difficult calling...
  • This...goes on your permanent record!

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